Mystical version

It is believed that during the life of the wrist watch become a part of the electromagnetic field of its owner. This is especially true for those hours which are on hand constantly, for many years. A great role is also played by the material from which made the watch and strap.

Metal watches can sometimes be the ultimate point where all human energy. They serve as a kind of grounding where you get all the energy. It turns out that after the vital processes in the human body stops, the arrow on the watch also freezes lifelessly.

It doesn't happen always, but only with those people who have strong energy and vitality.

Some even say esoteric: over time, some clock mechanisms are so adjusted to the energy field of the wearer even begin to predict his future. Are charged the clock starts to measure the time that is allocated to the physical body of their owner, and can stop suddenly before must happen something irreversible, and people will die. Apparently, therefore, some people believe that the unexplained failure of a wristwatch is a very bad sign.

There are people who are just desperately unlucky with the watch. They constantly break or are lost, stop suddenly and fail, and constantly on quartz watches the batteries prematurely. Bioenergy believe that such people are endowed with the strongest energy field that simply can not adapt to the movement, it simply interrupts it.

The opinions of experts

Watchmakers consider the serviceability of the clock mechanism depends on how well treated, and I see no mystery in the fact that the clock starts suddenly break down and stop.

Seriously you can only talk about electromagnetic fields and that it is categorically impossible to put the clock because they can stop.

Physicists believe that the electromagnetic field of a person is not able to magnetize or demagnetize, and if the clock stopped, they should just take it to the shop.

Here are the boring arguments, which can safely be challenged, because of the amazing history associated with the watch, happen again and again and sometimes they just cannot find a reasonable explanation.