The character of a man with black, dark brown eyes

Have a black eye a very strong energy. These men differ in temper and prone to committing impulsive acts. People with black (dark brown) eyes is able to guide and subjugate people. Listen to their opinions around. Routine monotonous work is not for them. They are all the time striving to conquer new peaks.

In personal life these people used to achieve their goal. They literally sweep away all obstacles in its path, in an effort to win the favor of any man. Often their head scares a potential partner, but it is very difficult to withstand the pressure of black eyes. This passionate and ardent nature, able to truly love.

The character of a man with brown, hazel eyes

These people have a quick temper. They quickly go out of himself, but to hold grudges for a long time. From the nature of brown-eyed people and optimists, who can easily win the favor and sympathy. They are often at the centre of events and is able to achieve notable success in professional career and love life. However, sometimes they just can't decide on a long-term relationship. Passionate and continuous search of new emotions prevent them from finding true love.The lighter shade of eyes, the softer temperament.

The character of a man with grey eyes

Gray-eyed people are reasonable and hardworking. They possess a sharp mind, natural shrewdness and ingenuity. This is a self-sufficient person, who always seek knowledge and love to discover something new. Owners of gray eyes do not run from problems, they solve them gradually, penetrating into the very essence of the question.

Family life the grey-eyed people restrained and tactful. Often partners may even blame them for excessive dryness and restraint, however, it simply just means that their mate is not ready for full disclosure. You should exercise some perseverance and patience to get to the heart of the gray-eyed man.

The character of a man with green, gray-green eyes

Owners of green eyes is dedicated and sensitive person, able to truly love. They are willing to spend a lifetime in search of his ideal, but in the end left with nothing. It was very difficult to find his one person, but if they fell in love, it is a long time. More devoted and faithful companions of life are very hard to find. Green-eyed people are complex, they are legible in relations and never open your soul to the first comer.

These people are integrity and perseverance. They are able to go for their goals, overcoming difficulties, but sometimes throw all half way – they lack vitality. They are good performers, but rarely are willing to assume the role of undisputed leader.

If the eyes are gray or blue shade, these people have excellent intuition and a strong character.

The character of a man with blue, gray-blue eyes

These people are endowed with a rich imagination. They are born dreamers and romantics, however, they have some inherent levity and levity. For all its sensuality, blue-eyed people rarely experience deep feelings. They are subject to sharp mood swings and fickle in their sympathies.

Bright-eyed don't like monotony and boredom, quite self-critical and always eager to laugh at themselves. These people are able to achieve significant results in work, and very demanding of his colleagues and subordinates.

Owners of gray-blue eyes did not differ sensuality and sentimentality, but they are very loyal and reliable. They are infinitely honest and forthright and capable of becoming reliable partners and associates.