Make sure that your browser has JavaScript enabled. Go to the official website of JSC "Russian Railways". Look at the upper left corner of the page the link "Schedule, availability of seats, ticket purchase". Click on it.
When load the new page, enter in the left form field name point of origin, and the right - the name of the destination. Some of them can be call automatically by clicking on the appropriate link. To swap them, click the button with two arrows pointing in different directions. Below them is another button to call up the virtual keyboard. It works not in all browsers.
Check or uncheck the boxes next to the steam locomotive and electric locomotive. The first of these ticks includes a search mode of long-distance trains, the second train. When they are included simultaneously, the search is made among those of other trains.
If you have decided to buy a return ticket, check the box located to the left of the word "Back". The corresponding date input field will become active.
In the date input field after the word "To" enter departure date in the following format: two digits numbers, dot, two digits month, point, four year sign. You can also click in this box, the image button the calendar. When it appears, select the month and day manually.
When the check mark to the left of the word "Back" in the same way, enter the date of departure return train.
Untick "Only tickets", if you are interested in those trains, tickets for which sold out (for example, you want someone to meet).
Click the "Buy ticket" (when removing the tick from the field "tickets" it automatically turns into a "Schedule"). Soon will load information about all the trains and tickets that match your criteria. During loading of these data may affect performance of the browser.