"Beautiful" is the accent on the second syllable

Adjectives in the comparative degree, "more beautiful" the stress falls on the second syllable, is a vowel – "beautiful". This option is listed in dictionaries of the Russian language as the right.

The pronunciation of "beautiful" is pronouncing a mistake and quite rude – as well as using the option "prettier". But the use of the word "beautiful" (accent on the last syllable) is not considered an error – this form of the comparative degree is obsolete, but is widely used in a figurative poetic speech.

The emphasis in the word "beautiful"

In the superlative "most beautiful" accent also falls on the second syllable of "beautiful".

Thus in comparative and superlatives emphasis of this adjective remains unchanged and the emphasis is on the "And" in the heart of the word.

The rule production of the stress in the comparative and superlative degrees of adjectives

The adjective "beautiful" refers to the relatively numerous group of verbs that have an accent in brief forms falls on the same syllable bases of speech, in full uniform.

  • The full form is beautiful;
  • The short forms, singular – beautiful, beautiful, beautiful;
  • Short form, the plural – beautiful.

In accordance with the rules of the Russian language, if the adjective the short form of the feminine the accent falls on the base, comparative or superlative degrees it will remain on the same syllable. For example, "playful" is the short form of the feminine "playful", in comparative and superlative – "slowlife", "shalovlivaya". If the short form of feminine impact becomes the end – comparatives and superlatives focus on smeetsya suffix. For example, fun – fun, fun, fun.

The word "beautiful" accent in "test" short form of the female on the second syllable, on the basis of – and therefore it will remain unchanged in other forms:

  • Full form: pretty;
  • "Screening" form (short, female): pretty;
  • Comparative degree– more beautiful;
  • Superlatives – beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

Just remember this rule – and the emphasis in the word "beautiful" or "beautiful" (and numerous other adjectives) will not cause issues – it will suffice to recall the emphasis in the short form of the feminine.