The correct emphasis in the word "bows"

Released in plural "bows" the stress falls on the first syllable, a stressed vowel is "A". Similarly, put the accent in the other case forms: "bows", "bows", "bows".

The word "bow" belongs to the group of nouns of the second declension masculine with a fixed accent on the word stem. In such words without exception in all case forms, as in the singular or in the plural the accent is always the same syllable of the root word.

To this group belong such nouns as, for example, "cake", "scarf", "crane" or "warehouse" them in the same way as in the word "bow", the accent will always fall on the base ("cake", "scarf", "cranes" and so on).

How to easily remember the correct accented "bow"

When it comes to such words as "bows," the emphasis sometimes is recommended to check with test words such as "bow" or "bow". It's not quite the right way: this "test" only works for words with fixed accent in order to check the pronunciation in this way, it is necessary first to memorize the entire list of words stressed syllable in which the same. So, to be sure, it is better to use other memorization techniques.

Memorize the right accent in the word "bow" can help a little excursion into the history of this word. What is the bow? This ribbon, tied in a special way, tied with multiple loops. And, according to etymological dictionaries, Russian language the word "bow" came from Poland. A Polish bant, in turn, derived from the German band, which means "tape". And if these two words are closely related, and thus in the word "ribbon" accent, too still, and too falls on the first syllable, you can use this pattern and to check the "bow" with a "tape". ("ribbons-ribbons", "ribbons – bows" and so on). Or, tie the ribbon, tie a bow".

A great way to remember the stress in words and short, rhyming serve as a "crib" in rhythmic poetic speech is very difficult to put the accent back. For example:

Here stylists interns

All tie a bow.

Or this:

All Princess all Princess

Are necessarily bows.

And these options can be mass: "bows" can rhyme with Pointe shoes, and mutants or necromancers, with braid, price lists, excursionists, braid and many others. Importantly, the way the result was memorable.

Another way by which you can remember the emphasis in the word you want is "make friends" with his words, the accent which falls on the same syllable. The word "bow" shock the syllable "BA", the same emphasis in the words "grandma" and "butterfly". Now we imagine a picture, which will unite and grandmother, and a butterfly, and bows. For example, a funny old lady on the head with a huge bow in the form of butterflies. Or butterflies instead of bows. Such images are easy to remember, and at the right time will help you to quickly recall the correct accent in the word.