The composition of herbal cream

Vegetable cream represent emulsion, composed mainly stabilizers, vegetable fats and oils. The taste quality of the traditional product is almost entirely preserved, however, this kind of cream consider kind of a low-calorie substitute for natural options.
Vegetable cream made in liquid or dry form. Regardless of the consistency, the composition of this product generally remains unchanged. The only difference is the method of processing ingredients.

In a conventional cream fat phase exceeds the water due to what appear fullness, the density of the composition and increased caloric. In a vegetable product, on the contrary, the aqueous phase is 70%, and from natural ingredients only used sugar and oil, which give the emulsion the appearance, resembling milk.

The most common vegetable oils for the manufacture of the cream are coconut, palm or soy. Milk and dairy products in this case are not present. Through the use of herbal supplements term storage of vegetable cream in several times higher than in natural products.
Vegetable cream often used in the production of certain drinks and diet sweets.

The process of manufacturing of herbal cream

Vegetable fats and oils used for the preparation of herbal cream, at the initial stage are partial gidrogeneratsia. This process is necessary for the conversion of liquid emulsion in solid fatty acids. Then, the mixture is combined with dyes, thickeners, emulsifiers, sugars and preservatives.

Some manufacturers make vegetable cream based on milk protein. Such products taste more like thick milk.

Benefits of herbal cream

Very popular herbal cream used in cooking and become an integral part of numerous diets. To apply this product very beneficial. For example, while beating with a mixer cream plant, their volume increases several times. Relatively neutral taste qualities allow to use them for cooking both sweet and meat dishes. Often the product becomes an ingredient for sauces and dressings to salads.

One of the most significant advantages of herbal cream is considered to be reduced calorie. Due to these properties, the product can be eaten even for those who carefully watching their figure and afraid of the appearance of extra pounds due to love of sweets.

Disadvantages of herbal cream

Some experts believe vegetable cream harmful food. The reason is primarily a high content of preservatives. To use such products too often is not recommended. Vegetable cream cheaper and more economical than natural, but useful components in them practically is not present.