You will need
  • - Computer
  • - Any image editor you feel confident to create the image layout;
  • - Photo printer equipped with a continuous feed system with sublimation ink;
  • - Sublimation heat press machine for mugs;
  • Mug for sublimation
  • - Thermostats
  • Paper for sublimation
  • - MITT-potholder
Measure the height of your mug. The illustration for application should be 5 mm below it. The maximum width of the pattern varies depending on the girth of the mug and the capacity of the press. The first can be measured by the centimeter, and the second to look at the specifications of the press.
Create a file with a resolution of 300 dpi, giving it the width and height the above size. Move the pictures you have chosen. Frame it, vary its size, position, add graphic effects, or inscription. Make sure that the file was in RGB color mode. Save the file.
Remember to print a mirror image of the file - otherwise the picture "userguide" on the circle. Select the print quality to "photo" or "best photo". Print the pattern on a sheet of sublimation paper.
Let the image dry. Gently cut it, leaving a field of about 5 mm from each edge. Attach the print to the mug thermococcus. Make sure the tape was clean, otherwise dirt particles may gain a foothold in the circle. In addition, it is very important that a paper with a figure anywhere close to the circle evenly. This will help to avoid irregularity in the pattern, after transferring it to the surface of the mug.
In accordance with the instructions for use with a heat press, set your desired temperature and the heating time. Put the mug in the press and leave the press to warm up, carefully watching the timer. Once it is heated to the required temperature, hold the mug in the press. Wait set by the timer the number of seconds after the signal to remove the mug from the press. Don't forget to arm MITT-pot holder - mug the first time will be quite hot.
Wait until the mug cools down enough to be able to carefully remove the tape and remove the paper. You can now test the quality of the result.