Advice 1: How to print images on mugs

Original mug with a photo ofGrafia its owner, an amusing sign, or a scene from a favorite movie is a wonderful gift. How they are made?Not gods pots, and they are not the same type of image on mugs. With the right equipment there is nothing complicated. Photo printer and heat press machine for sublimation not take too much space, and skills with them fixed pretty quickly.
How to print images on mugs
You will need
  • - Computer
  • - Any image editor you feel confident to create the image layout;
  • - Photo printer equipped with a continuous feed system with sublimation ink;
  • - Sublimation heat press machine for mugs;
  • Mug for sublimation
  • - Thermostats
  • Paper for sublimation
  • - MITT-potholder
Measure the height of your mug. The illustration for application should be 5 mm below it. The maximum width of the pattern varies depending on the girth of the mug and the capacity of the press. The first can be measured by the centimeter, and the second to look at the specifications of the press.
Create a file with a resolution of 300 dpi, giving it the width and height the above size. Move the pictures you have chosen. Frame it, vary its size, position, add graphic effects, or inscription. Make sure that the file was in RGB color mode. Save the file.
Remember to print a mirror image of the file - otherwise the picture "userguide" on the circle. Select the print quality to "photo" or "best photo". Print the pattern on a sheet of sublimation paper.
Let the image dry. Gently cut it, leaving a field of about 5 mm from each edge. Attach the print to the mug thermococcus. Make sure the tape was clean, otherwise dirt particles may gain a foothold in the circle. In addition, it is very important that a paper with a figure anywhere close to the circle evenly. This will help to avoid irregularity in the pattern, after transferring it to the surface of the mug.
In accordance with the instructions for use with a heat press, set your desired temperature and the heating time. Put the mug in the press and leave the press to warm up, carefully watching the timer. Once it is heated to the required temperature, hold the mug in the press. Wait set by the timer the number of seconds after the signal to remove the mug from the press. Don't forget to arm MITT-pot holder - mug the first time will be quite hot.
Wait until the mug cools down enough to be able to carefully remove the tape and remove the paper. You can now test the quality of the result.
Sublimation ink can't be used for other printouts, as well as regular ink will not work for sublimation.

Watch carefully which side of the paper you make a printout. The front and inside sublimation paper easy to mix up - in this case, the quality of the application will leave much to be desired. Remember that the wrong side looks more fibrous, and slightly gleaming, and the face more matte and porous.
Useful advice
Do not be surprised that the printout on sublimation paper pale and unsaturated. On the mug, your picture will sparkle with all the colors!

Modern industry offers a large variety of mugs for sublimation colored mugs, cups with curly handles, fluorescent groups, groups-the chameleons... the Choice is yours!

Advice 2 : How to print photo on Cup

Mug with a photo will be a good gift that can last a person for many years, he will forever be remembered. Mugs with pictures can be used for many other purposes, such as promotions.
How to print photo on Cup
You will need
  • - a computer (to mark up layout),
  • inkjet printer
  • paper for sublimation printing,
  • - thermostats,
  • - heat press machine for mugs,
  • - special mug for sublimation printing,
  • gloves for working with hot objects.
If you want to get a mug with a photo, for example, for a gift, the easiest way is to go to the printing shop and order this service. The seal on one Cup is quite inexpensive. The product is quickly prepared, experienced professionals efficiently will print. You will only take the result and use as directed.
You can print the image on a mug and on their own. But this will require special expensive equipment that is generally available only in specialized workshops or printing shops. But if you have it there, safely proceed. Thus it is possible even to organize their own business.
Prepare the layout for printing the required size. Its parameters should not exceed the height of the circles and the size of its girth. Also find out the maximum width of the press, which is capable of heat press machine. Put the layout in all of these restrictions. Don't forget to expand the picture mirror. Now print the resulting layout on your inkjet printer.
Wait while the ink dries completely. Now crop the image, getting rid of the white boxes. Attach to the circle what happened, with the help of thermococci. Keep paper everywhere adheres closely to the surface.
Now place mug in heat press machine, putting on it the print specifications provided by a particular hardware model. Turn it on and wait for the right time. When the press is warmed up, use it, pinning the figure to the circle. Wait, how much is required by the user, then reach for a mug. When the mug has cooled, the paper and tape can be removed. Estimated time of making a single Cup in 10 minutes.
Heat press machine – hot tool, so observe all safety rules when working with it. Also keep in mind that the mug while it is very hot. You need to prepare the place to put it. Also useful insulating gloves or something like that.
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