The first kind of intimacy – sex without penetration or parsecs. Some couples practicing such the direction of sex, say they get more pleasure from parsecs than traditional sexual intercourse. Sex without penetration is a great opportunity to warm up relationship and some "fun" with a partner in a not very suitable place. The varieties of parsecs include: petting – excitation of erogenous zones, oral sex and mutual Masturbation.
Another kind – intratumorally sex. In such sexual intercourse the male partner has a member between the thighs of their ladies. Fun in this embodiment, to a greater extent gets the man. One of the alternatives to the traditional sex is considered breast. That is, the man has his reproductive organ between the Breasts of a woman. This type of sex has its own nuances. To the man experiencing a real enjoyment of intimacy, the chest of his partner needs to be fluffy enough. For example, if ladies breast size of the fourth and more, a man almost one hundred percent guaranteed orgasm.
Another form of sex called glutelins. In this case the next man has his penis between the buttocks of the female partner. This kind of sex is different from anal because penetration does not occur, but the couple an opportunity to prepare for something new. Anal sex is also one of the types of intimacy. It involves the penetration of the male member into the anus of a lady.
One very unusual kind of intimacy is considered intertidally sex. In such intercourse the male member is located between the feet of a woman. Thus it is necessary to discuss in advance who in the pair will be active. Two options: either lady makes a movement with his feet or a basin.
Another kind of sex that helps a good idea to warm up the relationship – virtual sex. It involves the excitement at a distance. Sex can be used as an intimate correspondence, and a very candid telephone conversations. Virtual sex is perfect for those couples in which the partners are far from each other, for example, in different cities. This kind of location diversifies the relationship of lovers, brings them something new, and will give the opportunity to share their sexual fantasies, without constraint and complexes.