In order to fix the settings and make the text column, you must have installed Opera, and not the last of the eleventh version, as the developers of the browser has closed access to this feature. You can download Opera from the official website of the developer either from sharing. Start the installation program, accept the user agreement, specify the required settings and finish the installation.
Go to the site "Vkontakte"using your new browser. Now you need to open the source code of the page. To do this, right-click anywhere on the page (but not the link) and select the menu "Source". This operation can also be done by simultaneously pressing the keyboard keys CTRL and U.
You need to find a part of the original text, which will need to be replaced to status was stacked. To do this in the search box write <input style="background-position: center center;" class="inputtext" type="text" id="edit_activity_text" name="edit_activity_text" value="" maxlength="160" onblur="return activity_editor.blur();" onkeypress="return activity_editor.handle_key_press(event);" />.
After the desired piece of text was found, delete it and write instead the following: <textarea id="edit_activity_text" name="edit_activity_text" onblur="return activity_editor.blur();"></textarea>. To avoid mistakes, use copy and paste. To do this, highlight the text, click right mouse button and select "Copy". Going to the page with the source text, do the same, but instead of "Copy" press "Paste". This can be done using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.
Now you can write the status using Enter for a new line. Because this key is allowed to maintain the status, and now it does not execute the function, click with the left mouse button anywhere on the page – your status will be saved.