Advice 1: How to make the status of Vkontakte stake

With status on the website "Vkontakte" users Express their emotional state, write favorite quotes, advertise. Sometimes you just need to make the text in a column – for example, if you want to post any poem.
How to make the status of Vkontakte stake
In order to fix the settings and make the text column, you must have installed Opera, and not the last of the eleventh version, as the developers of the browser has closed access to this feature. You can download Opera from the official website of the developer either from sharing. Start the installation program, accept the user agreement, specify the required settings and finish the installation.
Go to the site "Vkontakte"using your new browser. Now you need to open the source code of the page. To do this, right-click anywhere on the page (but not the link) and select the menu "Source". This operation can also be done by simultaneously pressing the keyboard keys CTRL and U.
You need to find a part of the original text, which will need to be replaced to status was stacked. To do this in the search box write <input style="background-position: center center;" class="inputtext" type="text" id="edit_activity_text" name="edit_activity_text" value="" maxlength="160" onblur="return activity_editor.blur();" onkeypress="return activity_editor.handle_key_press(event);" />.
After the desired piece of text was found, delete it and write instead the following: <textarea id="edit_activity_text" name="edit_activity_text" onblur="return activity_editor.blur();"></textarea>. To avoid mistakes, use copy and paste. To do this, highlight the text, click right mouse button and select "Copy". Going to the page with the source text, do the same, but instead of "Copy" press "Paste". This can be done using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V.
Now you can write the status using Enter for a new line. Because this key is allowed to maintain the status, and now it does not execute the function, click with the left mouse button anywhere on the page – your status will be saved.

Advice 2: How to open page source in Opera

Often when learning web design you have to view the source codes of external web pages. No additional software is required. Any web browser such as Opera.
How to open page source in Opera
Launch the Opera browser.
Go to the website, the HTML code which you wish to view. If necessary, open it at a particular page.
If you are using a modern version of the Opera browser, click on the red button with a white letter O in the upper left corner. A menu will appear. In older versions of the browser, and in the case that the modern version of selected classic view, the menu is already there at the top of the screen.
Independently of the fact how you called menu, select the item called "View".
In the appeared submenu, select the "Source code".
An HTML code page will open in a separate tab. Please note that the various fragments selected colors for easier reading. If desired, toggle between page and source code as many times as needed to understand which of its fragments are responsible for any items displayed.
Remember that:
- send modified source code to the server is impossible;
only displays the HTML code of the page, and to see the contents of the script "engine" of the site (particularly in PHP) is also impossible;
- current legislation does not allow the use of snippets of other people's pages is original and created as a result of creative activities (e.g., Java scripts) on other sites without permission of the authors of these fragments.
If you wish, find similar designation menu items in all other browsers available on your computer. Compare the source code of the same page when opening it in other browsers. He may be a bit different. This is due to the fact that some servers, to get information about the browser used, slightly modifying the code automatically generated page. Previously, it was often deliberately done in order to degrade the compatibility of the website with different browsers, and today is mostly to the contrary, to improve it.

Advice 3: How to wear child in a column

With the emergence of a new, smallest member of the family the parents have a lot of questions. For example, one frequently asked is how to wear child in a column.
How to wear child in a column
Take the baby in the "column" to the baby's head was on your shoulder. It improves digestion and removes from the body of the child excess air. To the position of the "column" was the most efficiently, you need to consider the following points. Before feeding the baby must have put him on his tummy for a more comfortable digestion. During feeding, the child grasps the air, which can lead to regurgitation. In regurgitation, there is nothing wrong if it is not too frequent. To reduce spitting up baby to wear column. Feeding of the newborn should occur in a comfortable position, often it is the position of the baby lying. After feeding it is necessary to smoothly transfer the baby into position "column".
To carry the child column is recommended in cases of anxiety and crying baby. It must be remembered that a newborn can not yet independently hold the head, so it must be constantly maintained. When set to "style" the baby's head should be on the shoulder of the mother. A newborn is better to hold near the shoulder blades, not under his ass to avoid compression of the spine. If the mother holds the baby with one hand, then you should support the index finger behind the ear kid. You can almost fully put the baby on his shoulder. When the position of the baby "column," mother may take any position (walking, sitting, lying).
This technique, as the position is "column", not only beneficial for improving the digestive processes of the baby, but also helps to soothe and rocking baby. Due to the position of the whisker is formed of a newborn skill to independently hold the head. Also, the position of the baby contributes to the proper formation of the spine.
Useful advice
When feeding a newborn keep a close eye that he didn't grab a lot of air. Slowly and gradually bring the baby into position "column".

Advice 4: How to make a banner Vkontakte

On the pages of social network "Vkontakte" popular ads-banners for advertising businesses, and to inform users about their group community. To make a bright, eye-catching banner will every user of "Vkontakte"using the editor Photoshop.
How to make a banner Vkontakte
You will need
  • - mounted on the computer program graphic editor Photoshop.
Sketch the sketch of the future of the banner on the paper. Start the software editor Photoshop. In the top menu click on Window, make sure that "Toolbar" is checked (if not, click on the inscription). Then roll the drop-down menu by clicking anywhere on the grey space. Open the image with Ctrl+O (English letter). Press C (English). Activates the crop tool.
On the panel under the top menu you will see fields for width and length, set the size of the banner. Highlight the desired area of the image. Selection drag: move the cursor inside the selection, hold down the left mouse button and drag it to another area of the image. To crop, press Enter.
Add banner text. To do this, press the English letter T on the keyboard. Clicking anywhere on the banner, type the desired text. Switch to any other tool that the text has been preserved printed.
Add stroke: in menu "Edit" select "to Execute the stroke", select line color and specify its thickness in pixels. If you need a shadow, first click on "Window" and check the box next to "Layers". Open the layers panel, where one layer ("background" or the Background) is a cropped image, the second layer is text.
Click the right mouse button on the text layer, select in the popup menu, the "overlay Options". In the opened window click on "Shadow" (shade in one direction) or "Outer glow" (creates a shadow in all directions). In the "Outer glow" click on the box color and choose from the palette needed. Change the blend mode to achieve the desired result. Click "OK" to finish.
Decorate the banner with additional effects. Make the colors brighter: "Layers → New adjustment layer" → "selective color correction" (play with the sliders for better color judgement) or "hue/Saturation". If you need to cut part of the image, find it on the toolbar, the lasso tool and click on the icon with the right mouse button.
Select the magnetic lasso. Put a dot where you want to start the selection, highlight the contour. Highlighting all, you have to go back to the original point. Will be running a dotted line. On your keyboard press Ctrl+Shift+I and press Del to remove the highlighted part. Then press Ctrl+D. Bind all the layers into one Ctrl+Shift+E.
Save the image with Shift+Ctrl+C or in menu "File" → "Save file as...". From the list of formats select JPEG (*.jpg, *.jpeg, *.jpe), name the file and set quality 12. Click "OK" to save the changes. The file will be saved in your chosen folder.
Add the finished banner in the network "Vkontakte". Use the tips in the wiki markup of the page group, or community, to insert the banner. Save the changes.

Advice 5: How to cross out text Vkontakte

Sometimes in order to Express the thought more fully, emphasize the intonation and secretly spit out what not to say aloud, there is a need to write something in strikethrough text. It is available in the social network "Vkontakte".
How to cross out text Vkontakte
To change the fonts, color of letters and the like on the pages of various sites on the Internet, there are special characters tags. Tag for strikethrough text "Vkontakte" looks like &#822;. The highlight is the combination of characters with the left mouse button (together with the semicolon, but without the point).
Click on the keyboard at the same time the Cntrl button and the letter C (this is hot keys for copying text). Place the cursor before the text that you want to void and press Cntrl and the letter V (this is different hotkeys - command "paste" copied).
In the same way, insert a tag after each character (letter or sign) of your text. For example, the word "Hello" should look so: &#822;p&#822;R&#822;&#822;&#822;e&#822;t&#822;. Now after sending the message "Hello" will be crossed out.
If you need to cross out in "Vkontakte" body text, a manual method may be too time-consuming. In this case, you can use one of the special scripts are tools designed to strikethrough text. Through any search engine on the Internet you can find many such services. You will need to do is enter your text in one window and in another, it will appear crossed out. Copy the text from the second window to window messages "Vkontakte".
You can also install on his page "Vkontakte" one of the applications that will allow you at any time to strike out, to underline, to outline the frame or flip the text in the status or message.
To do this select the page in the top menu click "Games". In the resulting search box type the word "text". From the list, select the appropriate app and install it on your page.

Advice 6: What an interesting status you can put "Vkontakte"

Crazy, witty, funny, exciting, creative and interesting statuses in the social network Vkontakte will force other users to pay attention to your page. With an interesting status the day becomes brighter, and life more fun. This is a great way to keep in touch with your friends.
What an interesting status you can put "Vkontakte"


The easiest option is to write nothing and put in the status of the music you are currently listening to. Music is a great way to keep in touch with friends, when words are not enough.

What you are doing, what you think you feel

People are interested to know what you are doing, what they think and what they feel others. Do not neglect it. Write about how you feel and what you think. There is nothing more original than a self-expressed thought or opinion.


The day always starts differently, with a different mood. Sometimes there is a desire to philosophize and pull to Express something eternal and profound. But if the language of the poor and it stumbles with the language, don't be ashamed to borrow a saying from the Treasury of wise and famous. King Solomon, Sophocles, Confucius, famous writers and actors, athletes and prophets, artists and inventors have worked for you in the field of original phrases. So don't hesitate and use the experience of the great of this world.

Slogans and poems

A great way to be not only good friend but also a leader is to come up with any bright slogan or appeal. "Give the girls an angel!" - how true it sounds on the eve of March 8. You lead people, it's inspiring.
Any positive affirmation configures thoughts on the creative mood and very healthy. But if it is stated in the verse, it is also easy to remember.

Word game

Take any old phrase or popular expression or frequently used by people of the phrase. And redo it. Let's say you gained a few extra pounds, and you are overcome with the desire to inform the first comer, to share my soul in status. Do not rush to be boring and Intrusive. Write something original, for example: "I will dwell In weight."
The whole point of the game words that it sounds funny and intriguing at the same time, adding a statement a subtext.

Deliberate error

Write misspelled words and do it deliberately. Well, if it is concluded some kind of the play of meanings. "All your coupons to the Solarium seeded pale." Yes, at first glance, is a mistake, but if you look closely, no. Did not disdain to make obvious spelling errors. Provoke. "I intiresno who of you noticed?" Someone will pay attention and respond to you. At the same time and check friends on literacy. And remember the great and mighty native language.

Paradoxes and puns

The pun is on the words in the poems. The pun is repeated the same at first glance, the word. But they are two different words or phrases that sound the same. Sometimes the pun is the same word but in different senses. A great lover of puns was Mayakovsky. So you have someone to learn from. Of course, Mayakovsky lived in a different era, so try to stay in the trend. Do you like fishing? Be interesting. Tell us about it using the pun: "I'm not in the network, went to cast their nets".

The words of the song which you like

There are a lot of great songs. And there are just songs you like. Sometimes, some line in the chorus hook so that there is a desire to repeat it again and again. Line of a song, it is possible to decorate your status.

Japanese haiku

Japanese haiku is a short transmisja. Take the example of the Japanese ability to be brief and succinct. For writing haiku there is no need to suffer and pick up the rhymes. That they are good. The best haiku are written on the inhale and exhale. Breath first line. Exhale, the second and third.

Changes in life

It is not necessary to write about important events, although the birth of a child, marriage and other joyful changes in a person's life always attract the attention of others. But to share you something less significant. You have a new handbag, mobile phone, hair colour or car? So show off.

The Bible

It sounds like byword, but the old and New Testament have inspired and will inspire. And does not have to be a believer. In the Bible you can find a lot of interesting quotes.

Advice 7: How to find a girl Vkontakte

Lately, an increasing number of young people get acquainted through the Internet. As a rule, this happens in social networks. This method of Dating is very convenient, it allows you to get to know each other before meeting, so that in real life couples experiencing less tightness and discomfort at the first communion.
How to find a girl Vkontakte

How to find a good girl in "Contact"

If you can't meet a girl in real life, you have all the chances to have a relationship through a social network "In Contact". But the ladies on this site very much how to find your future beloved?

This is done quite easily. The only thing you will have to spend some time. To begin, select to search for people his country and the city, after all-town girl to meet would be problematic. Mark in finding what you need people of the female gender and the desired age.

After that you will open many women's accounts. Go to the pages of those girls whose photos you liked. Most importantly, pay attention to marital status any girls. Better if they are actively looking or not married.

When you will select candidates, review the information they wrote about themselves on the pages. Now we can start to direct acquaintance with a few girls.

How to meet a girl in "Contact"

Write to the girls something like "you are very attractive, it is possible to meet you" or "very beautiful picture". You can write anything, just to someone of the girls responded.

Next, proceed to communicate with those who are really interested in it. Let it be one or two girls, I'm all you need as a fruitful dialogue immediately with lots of new friends not work.

You can chat on any topics, but it is better to talk about what interests her. Show her that you can listen at the same time will be able to understand what kind of character she has.

When your communication will be more close to you, ask for her phone number. Call her, offer to meet. Invite her in a cozy cafe or a movie, let her pick the place for date.

Most importantly, remember that the social network is the same communication as in real life. Be honest, you are chatting with a real person. Not priukrashivanii its advantages, because when you meet him, anyway, the girl will realize who you really are. Write about yourself only the truth.

Also don't forget that if you initially don't like the girl character, in the future you have it nothing happens. Communicate only with pleasant personality, believe in yourself, be yourself, and you certainly will succeed.
Is the advice useful?