Adding a new video

In "Vkontakte" you can't just upload a new video on the wall. If you want to publish on the wall new video, first upload it to your video archive. Select the menu item "My Videos", then choose "Add video". Now give the name of your video. The description is optional.

If you want to place the video in the video archive, and on the wall, tick the box at the bottom of the window menu next to the appropriate item. By default the video will be posted soon in the video archive. Next, click the "Upload video". In the opened window you will see a list of demands to the loaded file and press load. You can upload a file from Windows Explorer, by clicking on the icon "Choose file" or dragging with the mouse the selected video file to the icon. Download of the video file will start immediately. Some time will be spent on the conversion, then the video will appear in your video archive, and if you activated the corresponding function, then on your wall.

Pre-training video

You have noticed that the video file upload size in network "Vkontakte" should not exceed 2 GB, but the positioning of the formats must have the extension AVI, MP4, 3GP, MPEG, MOV, MP3, FLV, WMV. This means that some videos, such as those with extensions MKV, RM, RMVB, you have to pre-convert to a suitable format. This same problem can occur with files that have the extension AVI, if the sound is compressed with a Vorbis codec, and the AVI can be assigned to the file with any video codec. To download problem video, just convert it to WMV format or FLV. You can also choose the video codec is MP4 and the audio to encode to MP3.

Use the "Attach"

On the wall, in the line labeled "What's new" put the mouse cursor. When you click on a line underneath appears the inscription "Attach". When you hover over the label the mouse, a menu will appear which will specify the list of possible attach materials, among which are video. Clicking on the labels "Video", you can see in your video archive in which you can choose a video to embed on the wall again, with one mouse click. You can choose a few videos and post them on the wall, click the inscription "Poison". Populate the text field when it is optional.

Using automatic search

By default, the function "Attach" is opening your video archive. But over images with your videos there is a search bar for videos. By entering in this line the exact title of the video, you can choose the desired video, using the entire archive of the social network "Vkontakte". You can also use the function "Add the link from another site" from the menu download video. Selecting this option, you must copy and paste the url into the appropriate field menu. If you put a checkmark in the "publish to my page, the video loaded immediately and in your video archive, and on the wall.