You will need
  • - computer with Internet access;
  • - the account "Vkontakte".
Go to a social network "Vkontakte" at by entering your username and password on the main page. If you have no account, then please create it. To do this you need to pass simple procedure of registration, which was again open and requires no invitation.
Click on the words "My page" which is at the top in the column of functions on the left of the page. You open a personal profile and "Wall" on top of which indicates the number of records on it. Click the left mouse on that number.
On the opened page you will see all your recordings made on the wall, including notes that were previously created from self-made item. You can view all together or "All records", "Record" or "Notes" separately.
To create a note, you'll need to make the entry in the column at the top of the page, in which there is the inscription "What's new?". This is the same graph where you submit news and announcements to their friends when you send records on a wall.
Enter the desired text in this column. In that moment, when the text will be in the allotted number of characters for records on the wall, it automatically transformirovalsya in a note. You can put a tick next to the inscription "only for friends" to your note could see only added to friends-list people. Also, you have the ability to attach notes, photos, videos, music, documents, polls, and more.