You will need
  • Computer, mouse, access the Internet, check the "Vkontakte".
If you see something on someone's page, beautiful picture, interesting news, wise saying, or just a movie with expensive cars and you wanted to share this valuable content, look at the bottom right under the post button "I like" in the form of a heart.
The first way to share with your friends – move your mouse over the heart. You see a gray box with the avatars of users who have noted this post positively by clicking on the heart. Below the icons you will see the arrow pointing to the right, and the words "share with friends". Should click on this inscription, as you will see in its place another, namely, "have You already told friends." The number of hearts will increase by one, and on the wall of your profile will appear on the census.
The second method appeared later and is convenient for the owners of public groups and "Vkontakte". To the left of the heart there is an inscription "Share" and an icon in the form of a stylized bullhorn. To her right stands the number of those who have already spread this post further. Clicking on the icon, a letter or a number (it's United gray background) dialog box opens. Consider all options window from top to bottom.
In the upper right corner is the inscription "Close". She closes the window, if you decided not to use it.
Below you can write your comment to someone else's message that you want to census. Please note that even just below to the right is the inscription "Attach". Hover your mouse on it. You will see how to open additional menu: "Photo", "Video", "Audio", "Document", "Timer". To the entry that you will take on your wall, so you can add more photos, audio, videos, documents in various formats .pdf, .doc .txt and etc. the Last option in this menu allows you to defer the publication for a certain time, which you will specify by clicking on the button "Timer".
Yet below, you are entitled to choose with whom you share the selected record. Selecting "friends and followers" you will send the recording to his wall. Selecting the "Members community", you must indicate on the wall what is community send repost. And choose I can only of your communities. Finally, clicking the "Send personal message", you specify which friends you want to send the record.
In the bottom of the window there is a button "Share" entry, which will send a repost wherever you specify above.