A memorial service for the dead a Requiem is a special Liturgy during which the priest remembers the dead people with the purpose of forgiveness of sins of the dead. The practice of praying for the people who ended his earthly journey, had been circulated in the first centuries of Christianity. In addition, already in the old Testament, you can find certain prayers for the dead.

Currently funeral services are made in all Orthodox churches. Most often this kind of worship goes on Sunday after the Liturgy and prayer services. In large cathedrals where divine services are held daily, a Requiem may be performed separately in the morning (e.g., at least the throne of the Cathedral).

To order a memorial service in the temple is very simple. You must come to the House of God and will return to the Church store or to the maker of the note. Should mention the names of those deceased you wish to commemorate at the memorial service. It is necessary to tell about the memorial service can be ordered in advance ( at the next funeral remembrance). So, if the person is not managed directly at a memorial service in the temple, not to worry.

For the Orthodox person it is desirable not only to record the names wapsi for the funeral, but to attend the commemoration of deceased loved ones.