The principle of occurrence of the crunch is that each joint or vertebra has a small gap between their surfaces, which is filled with synovial fluid. Some of the movements lead to an increase in this gap, as a result, pressure is reduced and formed microbubbles, published with the collapse of the crunch.

Very often, the complaint of tingling in the spine, the doctor makes a diagnosis of "calcination". But there are other reasons for this phenomenon.

Characteristic crunch in the spine can be heard in a variety of situations. For example, many people pay attention to it when doing specific exercises designed to stretch different parts of the spine or to increase its mobility. Especially hear the crunch when the first movements, then usually a sense of relief.

If you long sat at the computer or while reading a book occupied a stationary position and then decided to stretch your neck muscles move your head, you may be crunching in the spine. Especially do not worry, this sound is usually not associated with any disease.

When performing certain techniques in modern manual therapy, it is desirable that the person has a slight crunch in the vertebrae. It characterizes correctly performed impact. The Chinese gymnastics Wushu, there is a section containing exercises to work on the spine and joints, in their case, the main feature of proper exercise, too, is the presence of a characteristic crunch.

But if the crunch becomes constant or very often bundled with a variety of familiar movements such as walking, bending, squatting, etc., and also occurs in conjunction with pain manifestations in the joints and spine - there is a reason to pay serious attention to their health.

There are two main factors that affect the process of formation and salt deposits in the body: heredity and daily meals. Because of the "bad" heredity you may have a disturbed metabolism. In the end, they are not fully oxidized and form salts, which are deposited on the spine and articular surfaces. Due to the prevalence of protein, salt and fat and starchy food in your diet, you may also experience such problems.