There is a fairly widespread opinion that the habit of cracking your fingers does not prevent, but even helps to strengthen the joints. If you are this kind of people, then immediately fold this belief. The characteristic sound that accompanies your action is nothing like a burst air bubbles in your joints. If you succumb to this habit for many years, it can lead to deformation of joints, pinched nerve, and to the development of degenerative processes tissue. That is why direct all your willpower to stop cracking your fingers.
If you can't get rid of this habit immediately, then do it gradually. Try to constantly monitor their behavior and as soon as I caught myself on the fact that once you start crunching your fingers, immediately stop.
Replace the snap of the fingers for some more useful or safe. For example, instead of crunching joints, do yourself a finger massage or manicure. It will be both useful and enjoyable.
Purchase small balls, a Rubik's cube or stress ball. Every time you want to eat with your fingers, just begin to stretch or twist the ball in the hands of the dice.
Try to eat more foods containing calcium and phosphorus — they will strengthen your joints and eventually the crunch will pass. Include in your diet cheese, milk, sour cream, yogurt, as well as beans, soy, walnuts, peanuts, and, of course, fish.
From the crunch in the joints can be removed by regularly practicing swimming. So if you have the opportunity, definitely go to the pool. In a few months the crunch will pass, and you lose the desire to scrunch with your fingers.
Every time you catch yourself wanting to eat the joints, remember that in 10 years they will probably begin to swell, hurt and whining. We should not entertain the thought that this is the last time — don't let your habit is no way to overcome you. And remember that in order to get rid of this habit, you first have to want it, because without your own desire, you are unlikely to succeed.