For starters, the presence given by the developers of the overclocking settings. Turn the laptop on, and open BIOS menu. In the case of a device manufactured by HP, first press F2 and then select the desired item. Go to the Advanced tab and click CPU Settings. Locate the Overclocking Mode.
Examine the available options for overclocking. Select the indicator (5, 7 or 10 percent). Save the settings and restart the mobile computer. Remember that an increase in device performance will lead to higher energy consumption.
Now, on to overclocking the video card of your mobile computer. If your laptop uses integrated GPU, large performance gains should be expected. Install Riva Tuner and run it.
Open the menu "System settings". Activate using driver settings for 3D applications. Change the position of the sliders in the "memory Frequency" and "core Frequency". Click "Apply".
Make sure that your graphics card works without a glitch. Now check the box next to "Run configuration Window". Click "Save" and close the program Riva Tuner.
Start to increase the performance of memory modules. To change the settings of the RAM during operation in the environment of Windows systems, use MemSet. Install and run a specified utility.
Decrease in the value of one measure delay. Run Everest and run the stability test of the memory modules. Using this cycle, maximize productivity memory cards.
Don't forget that in laptops there is a power mode. Be sure to select "Maximum performance". Make sure that all devices receive the necessary power.
Open the points defining the maximum and minimum processor state. Enter in both fields a value of 100%.