Why creaking couch?

Creaking can be caused solely by the friction against each other of similar composition surfaces. For example, it may be made of wood, particleboard or plywood parts of the sofa or metal components, springs and frame. Variable composition parts, in contact emit no creaking and rumbling, rattling or rustling.

The tone of the scratch to determine which parts of the sofa are deteriorating. The "wood" creaking most often means that in the manufacture of sofa production was initially poor quality components used, for example, improperly dried boards.

Metallic creaking of the sofa occurs most often when the offset from the correct location is made of metal parts and mechanisms, for example, the gradual weakening of the fastener. Also, the cause of the squeak can be used in the design of the furniture of low-quality deformable with spring time.

What if the squeak of the springs in the couch?

There is an option "urgent" repair creaking of the springs inside of upholstered furniture - temporarily eliminate the sound event. Determining, by friction and what parts you hear the squeak, you can lubricate the spring with oil in the place of deformation or to pave between its contact areas with a soft cloth.

Creaking may occur in case if a spring or several springs were broken. In this case, repairs of furniture is impossible, because in fact need to disassemble and re-assemble it, and repairs in the workshop can cost almost half the cost of a new sofa or chair.

If the springs have not lost integrity and are not strong, it is in principle possible to eliminate the cause of the annoying sounds on their own. For this you need at least one hand to access the springs, removing furniture staples and gently pushing the padding and inner material. If the spring is intact, then determine where you hear the creak – for this alternately load different parts of the spring mechanism. If the base of the sofa and spring mechanism, nothing padded, fix it, fit the foam or batting.

If the cause of the creaking is the friction of the springs against each other, lay in their places of contact between a solid and a soft cloth. If in addition to this you will work every spring strips of foam inside, this will allow you to completely get rid of the rattle springs, which appears each time you sit down or lie down on the sofa. The same strip of foam rubber pad between the springs; after that, you can restore the upholstery of the sofa and strengthen it with a furniture stapler.