You will need
  • - advance preparation
  • - physical comfort and relaxation
  • - visualization
  • - anger management and other ways of complacency
Arm yourself with the information on the item that you have to pass. Perhaps nothing else will inspire you such confidence in the successful passage of the upcoming test, as awareness of their own competence because you studied hard, learning the necessary science. Strive to highlight in the subject studied, most importantly, try to penetrate into the essence of his tenets, to understand their meaning. What you know how to operate the basic concepts and principles of this science will enable you to feel in the exam many times more confident the one who just memorized the answers to the questions in the tickets.
Get ready for any exam ahead of time, not the night before. Your memory needs some time to received knowledge "settled" in the head, and several hours before an important event is definitely not enough for this. Alternate repetition of material with moderate exercise, periodically distracted from studying and relax. Relax completely, do not forget about quality sleep. Lack of sleep will increase your level of stress, making the risk of failure in the exam will only increase.
Must provide physical and psychological comfort. Dress for the exam for the weather, eat delicious food (maybe even your favorite food). View fun the day before the transfer or the film, which will help you relax and tune in to positive. Shortly before the exam communicate only with those of relatives and friends who believe in your impending success and is able to infect such faith you.
Suppress any manifestations of fear before exams, resist them, fight with them. Mentally find counterarguments to any arising doubts in your ability to successfully overcome a test of knowledge. Often people fear exams because they see it normally. So you do not appear similar feelings, find out more about upcoming tasks and the examiner - from the point of view of in what form he/she prefers to receive responses to the questions in tickets questions. With this information you will not have to occur giperplazirovannah fears about an upcoming event.
Use anger management and other psychological methods of the influence on our own consciousness. Convince yourself that a different outcome, but positive, is not expected. You - tenacious and diligent people who have studied the subject that are going to take the exam, and therefore have all necessary for this knowledge. Learn to relax and in this state try to apply the methods of visualization. Details imagine how you go in the examination room, I pull out a ticket and find there exactly those issues in which the most competent. "Dorisovyvaet" in your minds, the picture, adding details about how brilliantly you answer on the exam and how impressed the teacher will display a positive assessment of the statement.