Advice 1: How to pass the exam on the Russian language

The most stressful time for students and applicants is the graduation and entrance exams. While many have their secrets on how to successfully pass the exam on the Russian language. But are there any General tips? And whether or not they will help you to pass the exam?
The exam on the Russian language
You will need
  • The desire to pass the exam on the Russian language.
The most simple and reliable, time-tested way of passing the exam on the Russian language is a thorough preparation for it. Right if you throughout his school life excelled in the study of this subject. But what if before the exam a few days left, but you're totally not ready? Here it is necessary to formulate a set of basic rules and try to remember them at least. It is clear that the "excellent" pass the exam with such knowledge will come. However, it is possible that "good" or "satisfactory" you will pass.
Exam preparation
To help pass the exam on the Russian language and tutoring. In this case we strongly recommend you not to pay in advance, and to agree about paying for the end result. So, for example, agree with the teacher that you pay for only the classes that led to the exam well. To be sure, with such motivation, the tutor will make every effort to work with you was successful and productive.
In order to teach extra material and did not score his head with unnecessary information before exams, we recommend you to learn only the exam answers. Remember, the ticket with the answers to the questions often appear long before the start of the exam. This means that in order to successfully pass the exam on the Russian language, you need to have to read a lot of books, but only one and very carefully.
Exam, especially the entrance, is only one day, but it will largely depend on your life, so you better prepare for it thoroughly and in advance.
Useful advice
1. Treat the exam with less trepidation.
2. Do not worry if it is good to pass out.

Advice 2: How to successfully pass the exam

Exams invariably cause stress accompanied by lack of confidence and unwillingness to do anything about it. To cope with anxiety is necessary, otherwise there is a probability to pass the exam on the positive mark you can not.
How to successfully pass the exam
In any case, do not take medications and sedatives because they only hinder concentration. To predict exactly how the medication will react to your body shaken by excitement, is quite difficult. Try to sleep at least 8 hours a day and as often as possible to be outdoors. Install routine, which clearly stipulated the time of work and rest. Balance the diet, it should be rich in protein, which nourishes the brain. Include in your menu more vegetables and fruits, they will charge you with positive energy and cheerfulness.
Don't spend the night before the exam to learn as much as possible, a better night's sleep. Bring to the audience a bar of chocolate, it stimulates brain activity and helps you concentrate. Once you get the exam, don't panic. Quietly read each of the questions, and then start with that question, the answer to which you are aware.
Write down only the most important, from this you can then plan your response. If you cannot remember some term or formula, leave her place and return to it later. Be sure to do records with them, you will feel more confident, in addition, the examiner based on them will be able to make your choice.
Only talk about the most important, a transfusion of "water" will not help you in the exam. Psychologists notice that the use of specific information helps to provide the desired effect on the examiner, but lengthy discussions positive evaluation to fail.
If you are ready to respond and know what to add to my answer to you is nothing, relax. During this time, you can see how to meet your classmates, and it is possible that, in their explanations you'll hear something that then may be useful to you when you reply. The contents of examination questions often enough intersected, that is why listening to other meets, you will be able to help yourself.
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