In order to turn your home into an abode of comfort and coziness, and appeared before you in all its splendor, it must have a good repaired. So everything in the house fits your needs and desires will have fully converted. Repair private house – a very important process. Need to do design in-house facilities, to issue the necessary documentation, the right to choose and, of course, to perform all scheduled work.

This should be strictly observed rules and regulations relating to the construction of country cottages. The repair process of a country house has many specifications and should be carried out only by qualified experts working in this field. Renovated country house is divided into three types. It all depends on the amount of work needed. The cheapest and easiest cosmetic repairs. If the house is in good condition and you just want to change the interior finishes and the use of more modern materials this will be a cosmetic repair.

More complex and expensive – overhaul. This provides the process of structural repairs and in-house systems, external furnish of the house. Home renovation can escalate into a complete reconstruction of the building in which they will finish building the new premises, changed the floors, carried out the complete redesign of the interior. The repair will change the house beyond recognition, but it will require a lot of funds and use of special equipment. After any repair your house must match your requests.