Before you start to cover the roof rubemast, roof surface you need to prepare: remove all debris and dust. When working with this material, you may need first of all a blowtorch, construction gloves, as well as bituminous primer, brush or roller, the rubber MOP and a roofing knife.

Features stacking technology

First, to ensure better adhesion with the surface should be treated with a sealant coating itself and the roof. The width of the layer should be at least 0.5 m, and the procedure is performed in several stages. Laying rubemast is the method of mechanical fixation, that is, the worker must simultaneously roll to deploy and work with a blowtorch and at the same time with his free hand to pin down uzdevumiem places to the surface. Important: rubemast spreads overlap, the value of which shall not be less than 2 cm.

Installation rubemast

Rubemast you can not only stick to the surface of bitumen mastic, but also to weld with a propane torch. Coverage you need to buy a stock, because at least 10% of the material will go to the execution overlap and other emergency needs. As soon as the surface of the roof will be removed and all debris will be patched all the potholes, chips and cracks, you must coat the surface of the roof by bitumen primer. It can be used to fill all cracks and pores, bind dust particles and to ensure maximum contact with the roof surface with the material used.

To apply primer you can use brush, roller or ceiling brushes. You can do it simpler: pour it into the roof surface and flatten with a rubber MOP. The next stage is the fitting material. This will reduce not only the time spent on installation, but also on the amount of material. His cutting is done using special roofing knife. Upon completion of this stage rubemast need to get back to rolled up to the corresponding mark on each about the area of the roof for which it was intended.

The first filler layer – the lining. It is welded with a propane torch. The surface, and the material has to heat up evenly, but you must remember that overheating can ruin rubemast. After heating of the material it is rolled along the roof surface and pressed. Need to press gently, so as not to damage the material.

Next, in the same manner is welded to the upper layer. To ensure maximum reliability of waterproofing, you need to carefully check all joints for tightness. If any joint is in doubt, it needs to be processed again burner and carefully pressed.