You will need
  • - construction materials;
  • - finishing materials.
If the burnt house was made of stone, tiles, blocks and slabs were made of concrete, remove the wooden roof, which is always burned in a fire, install new struts, strut, panel pediments.
Inside the house remove all burned down, wash all the walls with the use of chlorine means which partially removes the smell of burning, treat liquid lime with a gun. It will also allow you to partially remove the smell of burning, and you can proceed to the installation of the floor and internal wall finishes.
Lay new joists, fasten the scaffold. The interior trim you will have to make a completely new one no matter how much were damaged old finish. The only way to finally deal with the smell of burning and eliminate all the consequences of a fire. The method of finishing depends on your tastes and financial possibilities.
If the house burned down, is made of timber, logs, you will have to start building again, as the wood ignites very quickly and burns almost completely, if not treated with a special compound against burning.
If the wall isn't fully burned, remove them, find something more suitable for mounting. Everything else you have to buy to do a new log with partial use of the material that is in a suitable condition. Immediately after the production of shell impregnate his lineup against burning, which you can purchase at any hardware store.
Even if the floor in the house was reinforced concrete, while dismantling walls and remove them after you install walls install again. Wooden beams you'll have to replace completely.
Put the rack on the roof panel gable, cover the roof with roofing materials and proceed to the Assembly floor and to the inner walls.