Evaluate the condition of the house. Walk through the rooms, open and close all Windows and doors, look in the basement and in the attic. Check the condition of the furnace, chimney and roof. At the end of the bypass make a list of necessary work. Calculate the approximate estimate. Keep in mind that the repair will almost certainly require additional expenses, so plan waste coming with the stock.
Decide who will repair. Some owners prefer to start the repairs yourself. However, this approach is reasonable only if you have enough time and have the skills of such works. Ideally you should share the duties – the workers will work with complex sites – for example, repairs to plumbing, roof or too much sex. But the master will have small time-consuming work – patching, painting and General governance.
Purchase the necessary materials. Choosing them, consider their life. Don't skimp on important points – for example, materials for roofing, water pipes, floor boards. But you can cut costs through the finish – select cheap Wallpaper, paint, linoleum, interior doors.
Do not dream about global rearrangements. Should not carry out alterations to the old house. The soil under the Foundation is compacted in a certain way. The reorganization will cause a redistribution of pressure, which can lead to shrinkage and cracks in the walls. For the same reason it is not recommended to align the wall, slightly changed the angle.
But from all care should be taken to the floors. It is best to completely remove the old floor, to strengthen the ceiling and lay new boards, placing them under the insulation. If you want to put new Windows, call a specialist to take accurate measurements – most likely, standard Windows don't fit you.
If in housee has a stove, get a stove, so he examined her and decided that you want to restore. Please note that current repair the furnace and clean the chimney will have to be conducted annually.