Whitewashed ceiling seen by every person. Accordingly, no need to explain what it is. But the advantages and disadvantages of this method of finishing is to examine more closely.


Unquestionable advantage of whitewash is its low cost. In addition, to handle a ceiling surface of such material is quite simple — it can be done independently, not resorting to services of the workers. But when applied should consider the main thing — do not treat with Cretaceous whitewashing existing lime and Vice versa, otherwise the ceiling may appear unsightly yellow stains and will have to redo everything.

The disadvantages of this method of finishing the ceiling can be attributed to the rather short period of operation whitewash — in a few years it will begin to crack and crumble. In addition, it is desirable to use the plaster in rooms with high humidity and frequent temperature changes.

And what about the paint?

Painted ceiling surface, as with whitewash, today is also no surprise. For these purposes, usually use latex paint.

The advantage of paint, before painting, is that a painted ceiling can be washed. It has excellent resistance to contact with water (of course in small quantities). Again, to paint the ceiling it is possible independently, and quite quickly. Paint perfect for any surface: wood, brick, concrete, etc.

Of the disadvantages of this method of finishing the ceiling you can name a few main ones: first of all, the fragility and rapid loss of the original color. In addition, if under the paint you will get a large amount of moisture, it will begin to pull away from the ceiling surface. Accordingly, there is a need to re-staining the ceiling, and it is much more difficult — you have to first remove the old layer of paint, then to align the ceiling and only after all the above actions it will be possible to begin a new painting.

So what is better? Whitewash or paint? It depends on where you plan to repair the ceiling surface. For the ceiling in the kitchen or bathroom, it is best to use paint, as it can withstand a certain level of humidity. But for living room, children room or bedroom is most suitable whitewash, which, though "afraid" of water, but improves the circulation in these areas, which is especially important for children.