You will need
  • - furniture for home and yard;
  • lamps;
  • grill;
  • - hammock;
  • plants.
Yard design must match the interior and architecture of the house. For a modern style suitable furniture and decoration with simple geometry and clean lines. Divide the area into several rectangular or any other shape of areas: sports, decorative, relaxation area, nursery. Modern style also features a contrast in colours.
Mediterranean style is characterized by flowing lines. Do round the terrace and the flower gardens, pool make with wave-shaped edges. Furniture pick up oval or round, avoid sharp corners. Try to plan your yard so that it is presented in the most favorable light from different angles (from the front door of the house and from the gate).
To equip the yard and the house in a rustic style, choose wooden furniture. Do not try to make the area perfectly flat, it's not natural for this style. Remove plastic items. Build a neat wooden gazebo, don't try to make it smooth, even wood is a bit knotty. Possibly create a small pond, plant more plants.
Consider an arrangement where you cook. Put a nice neat oven grill or fryer. Near the place of cooking place dining table and build the gazebo. Over the grill or brazier install a canopy to protect from rain and sun.
A organize place for your summer home theater system. Take care of the lighting, hang fixtures on the sides of the door or set them on the railing. Buy outdoor lanterns and put them in the right places. Between two trees hang a hammock.
Sculptures and fountains will perfectly complement and decorate your site. They also should fit the style of the house and the rest of the yard. Take place under the garden wall its border or low fence. Can build a small Playground. Don't forget to fence your yard your design fence.