You will need
  • - set construction supplies
  • concrete rings for latrines
  • - plaster
  • - water-resistant plasterboard sheets
  • - plumbing
Start the construction of the toilet facilities pit latrines. Pit mounted with pre-cast concrete rings, but their lack, it is easy to equip with brick or concrete. Generally, the standard depth of the sump is 1.5 - 2 meters. For ease of cleaning, the hole should be placed under bias. Then the inner surface of the pit is plastered to make it more integrity. Usually septic tank serves a two-layer cover, the lower part of which is made of wood, the upper of metal.
Proceed to the laying of sewer pipe, which usually has a slight slope to the sump. To the house sewer pipe is supplied by shtrobleniya grooves in the walls or in the floor. After correct installation of pipes and plumbing, such grooves on the walls are smoothed with plaster, and on the floor are closed with cement screed.
Cover finishing materials inside of the premises designed for a bathroom. Such materials are selected depending on the taste preferences of the home owner, they can be: as ceramic tiles and plastic panel. If you have a wooden house, prone to shrinkage, indoor washroom must be equipped with a sliding frame of metal profile. This frame is attached to the wall which separates the house from the street. For mounting, use a power cord which is stretched at the top and bottom of the wall. Then, over the entire width of the wall, you must install a sheet of drywall, and fasten it on three profiles. Remember that the holes in the profile at his mount to the wall should be extended up a little, considering the distance, which suggests shrinkage.
Install a ventilation system, for installation which use asbestos cement and ceramic pipes. Then proceed to install suspended ceiling, noting the perimeter of a horizontal line at the level where he will be assigned. Note that a bathroom is a room with high humidity, so for the equipment of the ceiling must use water-resistant plasterboard sheets. With the installation of a suspended ceiling, can be neatly hidden pre-installed ventilation system and electrical wiring.
Attach it to the floor sanitary ware, type and form which meets your design requirements. Then install the heaters, lamps and other accessories.