You will need
  • - the fabric is 1.5 meters;
  • - thread to match the fabric;
  • - scissors;
  • - tailor's chalk;
  • - lace or sewing;
  • - a sewing machine.
For sewing night gowns will suit the different fabric. The easiest way to work with cotton: printed cotton, calico or flannel. These fabrics do not slip, they are easy to cut and sew. If you have a relatively good tailoring skills, then sew from fine muslin or silk.
Remove the measurements. For the construction of the pattern-the basics you will need to measure the chest circumference and the length of the product.
Build a pattern for future shirts. On Whatman paper or on a large piece of Wallpaper left after the repairs, build prjamougolny ABC, length of (AH) is equal to the product length and width (AB) is ¼ the circumference of the chest plus two inches for loose fit.
Aside from points And seven inches (point D) to the right and two centimeters (point D1) down. Swipe smooth line between points D and D1. Thus, you get the line of the neck backless. For the neck of the front aside from the point And down eight inches. This point mark D2. Connect a smooth line points A and D2.
For the sleeves are put to the right of point B ten centimeters and mark the point K. from this point swipe down perpendicular to a line length of sixteen inches (point K1). From this point perpendicular to spend the line BV. The point of intersection of the lines indicate the letter J. she put off to the left and down seven inches (points E and E1). These points connect smooth lines.
We have to build the bottom line. To do this, point In the right put seven inches (point B1) that connect the points B1 and E direct. B1 measure from two centimeters up (point). Connect the dots In a smooth line.
Cut out the finished pattern. You can modify it according to your taste. Make longer or shorter sleeves. Change the neckline, length and so on.
Fold the fabric in half face inside. Put along the fold pattern and draw a tailor's chalk or a remnant. Take the details of the front and back. Cut them out leaving a seam 1 or 1.5 inches.
Add up the parts face each other. Baste the shoulder line and hips. Prostrochite them on a typewriter and treat overlocked seam.
To the neck and sleeves sew the bias tape, fold it into wrong side and stitch on the sewing machine.
The bottom of the shirt fold twice, baste by hand, and then prostrochite on a typewriter. All proutyuzhte seams.
In principle, babydoll ready. But it will look much nicer if you decorate it with embroidery, lace or embroidery.