You will need
  • Fabric
  • Pattern Bathrobe
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Sewing machine
Before sewing the gown, we need to prepare the fabric to work. The segment must be rinsed in warm water, dried and ironed. This applies to any sewing, because after washing the fabric may behave committed unpredictable. May or shed, or to sit down. So check the fabric before sewing so as not to spoil washing the finished product.
Then we need the pattern of the robe. If you have a finished pattern, in your size, then use it. If you do not have a pattern for a Bathrobe, very convenient to use a dress pattern, only slightly modify it. For Bathrobe you need to add the sleeve length, make them a set or shift, and make the split shelf from top to bottom. Add about 10-12 inches to the bottom of the pattern and to cut the shelves to robe when plowing did not disperse. You can also increase the size of the dress to the gown didn't drag you too much, it's home clothes.
The next step is to cut out our coat. When cutting don't forget the seam. Their value depends on the thickness of the fabric.
Then smetimes our gown, definitely trying. Thread for smachivaniya better to take a contrast, to be looked at when you remove the basting. If you found any flaws in the fitting, cut and correct the flaws immediately, do not leave for later. So, after tacking and the last fitting, you can begin to sew the entire coat to the clean copy".
In the end, it is necessary to sew the hem of the robe, to pull a running thread, to iron the seams, to handle loops and sew on buttons. Bathrobe is ready!