There are many ways of decorating cakes with fruit, one of the simplest variants is the original fruit slasher all sorts of figurines and placing them on the surface of the dessert particular pattern. The fruit pieces can be stacked in any sequence, for example, simply in a circle, star, flower, butterfly or even chaotic.

Quite an interesting look cakes, decorated with fruit jelly and fruit. So, if you decided to decorate the dessert with peaches we buy at the store peach jelly, if oranges, orange jelly, and so on. Dilute the product in water, using a little less liquid than is written on the packaging. Cut the fruit into slices (if using fruit with skin, it must be cut), put them in a container of a diameter equal to the diameter of the cake, then pour the jelly and refrigerate. After the jelly hardens, it needs to be removed from the bowl. To do this, just for a few seconds, the bottom of the tank and dipped in boiling water, then invert the bowl over a flat plate. Cakes decorated like jelly, it is not only very beautiful but incredibly delicious.

Another simple way to decorate a cake with fruit to make it from oranges or mandarins, roses, which can ultimately give the dessert a chic appearance.
So, for the production of roses requires:

one small orange;

- strong Jell-o (preferably orange);

- the egg tray.

Orange should be carefully washed and very thinly cut into slices. Each circle to dip in a prepared jelly roll into a roll and placed in a cell for the eggs. It is worth remembering that each circle must be placed in a single cell, trying to get them to make a rosette. The finished flower should be allowed to stand in refrigerator at least 30 minutes, after which they can decorate a cake. Thus it is possible to prepare any amount of roses to decorate their dessert.