There are several ways how you can decorate the cake with bananas. The easiest way is to lay thinly sliced slices of banana on the cake surface in a chaotic manner. All that is required is to clean the banana, slice it across the thin circles, put on the surface of the cake in any order, then each circle gently smear the lemon juice (this is required in order for slices of the passage of time is not dark, but remained all the same delicious).

The following method of cake decorating bananas - to put slices of banana on the surface of the dessert of any shape such as a flower. To put the flower on the cakes, peel the banana, cut it first in half, then each half cut lengthwise into thin long plate. Each plate and spread with lime juice, then lay the slices on the cake so that they have one edge in contact in the center of the cake, while others "looked" in different directions. In conclusion, the cake can be sprinkled with chocolate chips.

Another option is to decorate the cake with bananas in jello. To do this, take a pot of a diameter equal to the diameter of the cake, pour it in orange juice and sprinkle in the gelatin (per liter of juice 50 grams of gelatin), allow gelatin to swell (it is necessary to leave the mixture on for 30 minutes). Then place the pot in a water bath, to completely dissolve the gelatin and add sugar (to taste). Let the mixture cool to 50 degrees, and then place it in pre-sliced the bananas and let the weight fully harden. After complete solidification of the mixture, remove it from the pan and lay carefully on top of the cake.