Recipe mastic

In the world of culinary decor lately is dominated by mastic, it is possible to create a floral composition, copy nearly any existing in the nature of a flower. Confectionery fondant is a sweet flexible mass, in consistency similar to clay, it varies in composition and density. Some types of mastic used to cover the dessert, others for making figurines and flowers.

Method of manufacture of mastics simple, having mastered it, you can create a wonderful decorating cakes at home. For preparation will need:

chewing marshmallow – 200 g;

- lemon juice – 1-2 teaspoons;

- powdered sugar – about 500-600 g;

- starch – 100 g

The marshmallow lozenges are spread in a bowl, pour the lemon juice and put in a water bath for a few minutes. Readiness is determined during stirring, the marshmallows should turn into a viscous homogeneous mass without lumps.

The mass gradually add powdered sugar until then, until it becomes hard to mix. Then spread the "dough" on the table and continue to knead, admixed there food coloring. In the end, should turn out elastic lump. To sweet mass from sticking to the work surface, sprinkle it with starch.

How to make decoration for cake

For making flower paste roll out and cut circles of a given size. Also make blanks conical shape, with a height equal to 2/3 of the diameter of the circle. Using a stick with a ball on the end to squeeze out the waves at the edges of the petals. Further, the petals are dried and collected in that order – the first petal is wrapped on a cone "shirt", the second is put towards the first, forming a Bud. Next glue the petals in a circle overlapping.

Ready flowers dried a couple of days, and they can decorate the cake. It is important! Mastic cannot be used in confectionery, covered with custard, cream or butter cream, when in contact with moisture, the sealant melts. It is suitable for the basis of the same paste, chocolate or icing.