Chocolate motives

A very popular option for the decoration of chocolate glaze. It can boil milk, butter, sugar and cocoa powder. Even easier to use ready-made chocolate bars, pieces or tablets. You can decorate the cake bitter, milky, white or colored flavored chocolate. Looks very nice coating of strawberry pink, mint green or orange orange chocolate.

To prepare the coating, melt the chocolate with few spoons of cream in a water bath. Pour hot frosting the cake surface and flatten it with a wide knife. Frosting can be covered and the sides of the product. Let the chocolate harden. On top of the cake can be decorated with inscriptions from the cream or strokes made of chocolate of a different color. Put the melted chocolate in a plastic bag, cut the tip and apply to the surface coated with a hardened glaze, strokes and zigzags.

Very nice and leaves made of chocolate. To make them very simple. Cover with melted chocolate natural leaves of Laurel or roses, allow the coating to harden and then gently peel off the paper stencil. Making the right amount of decorations, place them onto the cake surface in the form of a wreath or garland.

Decor of cream

Biscuit and shortbread and cakes you can decorate with cream or butter cream. If desired, touch up the white mass of food dyes. Cover the surface of the cake with cream and flatten it. Then apply the decoration using a pastry syringe or bag. The jewelry depends on the chosen nozzle. Torx possible to represent flowers of different sizes, the nozzle-wedge creates beautiful leaves, and thin and round is designed to apply labels.

A very simple decoration for cream pies or fresh berries. Select large beautiful raspberries or strawberries. Apply the product with a layer of cream, arrange on top of berries. The edges of the cake decorated with a border of small stars, deposited with a syringe.

Luxury flowers

A very effective decoration for birthday cakes - fresh flowers. Use violets, roses or other blossoms, not sprayed with herbicides. To make them look beautiful, brush the edges of the petals with egg white, then sprinkle fine-grained sugar or powder. Lay the decorations on the surface of the cake covered with frosting or cream.

Colors can be made from sugar mastic. Ready mastic mash with powdered sugar, optional touch up fruit juice or industrial dye. Make a few round concave petals and then assemble them rose, connecting the petals in a circle. Ready flowers put on the cake on top of frosting or cream.