Simple fatigue and lack of sleep. Today, the modern pace of life requires us to fast solutions to many challenges that are often accompanied by unrest, uncertainty and stress. It's a nervous condition accumulates in the body and may result in headaches and sleep disturbance. It is essential to make your body complete rest, to relax body and soul. Useful to develop the habit to go every day at the same time, and preferably before 10 PM and sleep at least 7 hours – during this time the body has time to relax and recharge. If you have trouble falling asleep, relax your body will help massage the feet with lavender oil before bed.

Carbohydrate cravings. The lack of carbohydrates in the body leads to fatigue, frequent drowsiness, dizziness, nausea, sweating, metabolic disorders, etc. to replenish carbohydrates, the body experiences cravings for starchy foods. Excessive drinking in your diet flour products also has negative consequences, for example, gain excess weight. Therefore, the correct solution is to replace rolls and flour (simple carbohydrates) fruits, vegetables, cereals with a high content of carbohydrates (complex carbohydrates). They quickly satisfy hunger and they do more good than harm.

A deficiency of protein and vitamins of group B. Despite the fact that a significant proportion of other flour products are carbohydrates, there is still protein. Protein is one of the most valuable and irreplaceable food components. Usually lack protein are those who, for whatever reason, rarely eat meat or not eat it at all. For example, vegetarians or those who sit on strict diets. Flour products have different nutritional value, which depends on the composition of the product. The more the composition of flour products milk, eggs, butter, etc., the higher the protein value they will bear. One should not fully give up meat, as the lack of protein leads to significant changes in the body and slowing growth, and disruption of hematopoiesis, and memory impairment, as well as frequent exposure to communicable diseases.

The oxygen deficiency in the body. Sedentary work or stay at home within four walls" lead to a lack of oxygen in the body. To improve the process of hematopoiesis, it is necessary not only to monitor the quality of food, move more (dancing, aerobics, yoga), but also often pay attention to the walks in the fresh air.

Stress tension. With waves sometimes there is a desire to "crunch", and in the course are crackers, crackers, pretzels, etc. As is known, the comforting crunch. Therefore, in this case, the overeating flour can carry negative consequences for the organism, it's like the excess weight and problems with digestion.