Acidic or salty woman can pull not only during pregnancy. Every time there is a desire to eat something special, you must analyze the condition of the body. Addiction to sour may signal a decrease in immunity, viral infections, gastritis. Also the desire to eat cranberries, lemon, sauerkraut and other products may occur due to the reduced acidity of the stomach.

Unusual products and pregnancy

Unlike salty, sour products do not pose harm to human health, so expectant mothers can safely lean on sour. Especially if it is hot. Because the sour fruit, juices, great thirst quencher, allowing a pregnant woman to feel comfortable.
Don't forget that acidic foods cause the appearance of appetite. So after eating cranberries and other Goodies of a pregnant will want to eat tightly.

Acidic foods have less impact on the weight gain, as sweets and salinity. Acid in food helps to improve digestion, which is also important in this position.

Often the desire to eat sour is due to the expression of toxicity, and lack of vitamins. Often vitamin C and organic acids, so if you want to eat a lemon, grapefruit or cranberry, can saturate the body with useful substances.

The desire to eat sour during pregnancy

The signal of an organism about the need to eat sour can indicate a problem with the liver, the gallbladder. Food inexplicable desire psychologists associated with the personal characteristics of people. For example, to acidic concerned expressed by leaders, self-willed and hot-tempered personality. Strive to eat sour and in cases where the defeated routine, you want to deal with boredom, monotony.
Acidic foods contribute to thinning the blood, improving circulation, and hence, such food should be consumed to provide your body and your baby a good supply of oxygen.

Even if during pregnancy you constantly visit new taste desires, you should not refuse from such products. However, it is worth remembering that nutrition pregnant women should be diverse, so do not give preference to exceptionally sour. It is also recommended to report on the taste preferences of the observing physician to rule out a vitamin deficiency.