Start recording everything you eat. So you will understand how much sweet you consume per day. Don't forget the little things like a couple of slices of chocolate to coffee, sugar added to tea or a glass of soda drink for lunch. You will be surprised how much extra sugar is consumed "casually".
Exclude from the menu of sweet fast food- sodas, popcorn with additives, cotton candy, all kinds of snacks. Discard the "lungs" of desserts that do not contain fats and sugar in their composition, usually included unhealthy sweeteners.
Do not let yourself the word never is sweet. Rather, this vow you break. But, deciding to eat, choose the best sweets of those that you can afford. Instead of cheap biscuits and cakes buy cake with natural whipped cream, caramel replace a good chocolate. And reduce portions – choose the smallest desserts.
Analyze your own habits. Give up tea and coffee with sugar. Better add in a hot drink of milk or cream and it will taste more tender. If while watching TV the hand reaches for something sweet, prepare a bowl with dried fruit or nuts. Do not buy ready-made candied fruit and nuts in glaze. Eating dried fruit useful don't forget they are very high in calories.
Do not replace a complete meal with tea puffs. You will get a lot of "empty" calories, but after half an hour again want to eat. It is better to eat a piece of meat with vegetables – a meal will satiate for several hours.
Adjust the family menu, reducing the number of sweet and starchy foods. Instead of pasta, cook steamed vegetables, dumplings replace natural steaks and burgers. Do not buy ready-prepared foods breaded. Instead of pies and other baked goods cook more healthy desserts from dairy products and vegetables, jellies, mousses, fruit salads and casseroles.
If you love ice cream, cook a healthy substitute for sweets - ice natural fruit juice. A couple of dice will remove the urgent desire to eat something delicious. Also a good alternative to the cool dessert is frozen yogurt on a stick.