Advice 1: How to abandon the sweet and starchy foods

Extra pounds go very fast, only need to abandon the sweet and starchy foods - this is known to all. But the difficulty lies in the fact that lovers of confectionary delights is very difficult to part with their preferences. Nutritionists believe – a sharp rejection of the usual and favorite foods threatened by stress, neurosis and depression. Hence, it is necessary to refuse from sweets, cakes and doughnuts gradually, gradually becoming more useful counterparts.
How to abandon the sweet and starchy foods
Stop feeling sorry for myself about the fact that now you don't have to eat sweet and starchy foods as much as you like. You must understand that this is not a whim and not a whim, but which is your reasonable decision for reasons of caring for themselves, their health and wellbeing. If you start to constantly think about prohibiting sweet and starchy foods, and in your imagination, however, will all the time be a display of cakes and trays of little cakes, which you eat, the brain sooner or later will signal the delivery of the forbidden into the body by any means. Distract yourself from the provocative thoughts, find fun. Gather your spirit and do not deviate from their decision.
Understand for yourself that one day to abandon the sweet and starchy foods will not work. Do not torment yourself and start small. Set a specific and, most importantly, achievable objectives. For example, in the first days drink tea as usual, but 2 times without sugar. Allow yourself to eat per day 1-2 candy, 3-4 cookies and, say, some chocolate (preferably marshmallows or marmalade, as they are less harmful than cakes). After some time (nutritionists say about 5 days) go to 4 cups of tea without sugar, 1 candy, 2 cookies, etc. So the body will gradually get used to the new portions and preferences and begin to take them for granted. And you have such a smooth transition does not turn into a stress.
Gradually, sparing yourself, replace the bad for you to eat pastry and sweets useful analogues. Sugar honey, candy and dried fruits, cakes and pies, sauce and jelly, pies and buns – breads and casseroles homemade. Here is the recipe of casseroles: 250 g low-fat cottage cheese add 2 whipped egg whites, 2 tbsp. spoons of semolina and 100 g of low-fat yogurt or yogurt. Mix everything carefully. Put the resulting mass in the form, greased with yogurt, and bake for 10-15 minutes in the oven. Before use, pour honey. Similarly prepared casserole pumpkin, carrot or Apple. Improvise.
If you love bread and you find it hard to abandon it, start again small. Buns and wheat bread, replace the first so-called grey bread and "Doctor" loaf, after 5 days go to branny and rye bread, even after 5 days, start to reduce the amount of bread consumed twice. And so – to complete failure. For the body the gentle and gradual technique will not be a shock, and it will take your new diet for granted. By the way, as a bonus you can afford to eat 1-2 small slices of rye bread per day.
Gradual, gentle, gradual method of giving up the sweets and flour provides a very low probability of a return to old habits. Nutritionists say that to forget the bread can be for 10-14 days, from sweet tea in 3 weeks, from candies and cakes for a month. And for 2 months all you can to change your diet drastically, eliminating not only sweet and flour, but also other high-calorie foods and dishes. You will feel a pleasant change in your health.

Advice 2 : How to abandon the sweet and starchy foods forever

To abandon the sweet and starchy foods forever is the first step that needs to be overcome on the way to a slim figure. But to abandon the sweet and starchy foods, if it beckons? Cakes, candies, buns, cakes.... For most girls the rejection of the sweet – quite a feat.
How to abandon the sweet and starchy foods forever

To have a beautiful, stunning figure dreams, perhaps, every girl. But, alas, not everyone is given. Many girls ready to watch on the flight to spend in the gym, doing various exercises, but are not able to abandon the sweet and starchy foods. And after the next workout, come home, open the fridge, picking out a lot of delicious and unhealthy food. This morning the scales show disappointing results, and it seems all efforts are in vain. After all, to achieve the desired shapes you want to stop to eat sweet, starchy, tasty, harmful meals, stop adding sugar in tea and coffee, to change the style of their food.

How to abandon the sweet and starchy foods

  1. If you find it difficult to give up sweets and you're ready to absorb it in unlimited quantities, it is recommended to visit a doctor. May cause cravings for sweets and flour lies in the health problems, low hemoglobin, poor metabolism, hormonal imbalance. The doctor will aim to pass the necessary tests, and then, seeing the overall picture, make a conclusion about the state of health and give advice on nutrition.
  2. Gradually give up sugar. If you are used to drink tea with 3 teaspoons of sugar, you should gradually reduce the number of – 2, 1 teaspoon... until, until no longer add it. If you're not used to drinking tea without sugar, you can substitute honey.
  3. Train your willpower. It is easier to give up on their intention to give up on sladkogo and flour and throw into a mouth-watering Patty, Berieva who think "tomorrow". This is not the way! This running in circles and you have to understand it. Next time when you see the coveted pie for a moment and imagine two pictures: in one you thick, but with pie in hand, in another picture – a beautiful slim girl. What you want to see yourself? If option two, then walk past the pie.
  4. Always eat Breakfast. It should not be a snack on the go that came to hand. Prepare a full Breakfast – porridge, fruit. After this Breakfast, the body receives all the essential for what to live throughout the day. This will save you from the temptation to put in mouth some sweets.
  5. Equally important is the proper organization of the diet. You need to eat 5-6 times a day. The portions should be small, not including the sweet and starchy foods. If the food is not organized, then at the first sign of hunger is a high probability that you satisfy your hunger with something sweet, instead of a full meal.
  6. Don't forget about the water. A person needs to drink at least 2 litres (or 8 glasses) of pure water per day. This volume includes a selection of juices, fruit drinks, tea, coffee and other drinks.
  7. Include in your diet fresh fruits, dried fruits that can be substituted for regular chocolate. An Apple or a banana are much healthier eaten piece of cake.
  8. In the shop try to avoid divisions where you can buy pastries. There is a big risk to be tempted to buy something sweet or starchy, what will later regret. The house also try not to keep sweet. If you do not live alone, ask other family members to take the sweet away in lockers, so they did not come across to you on eyes.

To abandon the sweet and starchy foods – the most important thing you want to follow the above proposed recommendations. The prize will be slim, beautiful figure.


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