Stop feeling sorry for myself about the fact that now you don't have to eat sweet and starchy foods as much as you like. You must understand that this is not a whim and not a whim, but which is your reasonable decision for reasons of caring for themselves, their health and wellbeing. If you start to constantly think about prohibiting sweet and starchy foods, and in your imagination, however, will all the time be a display of cakes and trays of little cakes, which you eat, the brain sooner or later will signal the delivery of the forbidden into the body by any means. Distract yourself from the provocative thoughts, find fun. Gather your spirit and do not deviate from their decision.
Understand for yourself that one day to abandon the sweet and starchy foods will not work. Do not torment yourself and start small. Set a specific and, most importantly, achievable objectives. For example, in the first days drink tea as usual, but 2 times without sugar. Allow yourself to eat per day 1-2 candy, 3-4 cookies and, say, some chocolate (preferably marshmallows or marmalade, as they are less harmful than cakes). After some time (nutritionists say about 5 days) go to 4 cups of tea without sugar, 1 candy, 2 cookies, etc. So the body will gradually get used to the new portions and preferences and begin to take them for granted. And you have such a smooth transition does not turn into a stress.
Gradually, sparing yourself, replace the bad for you to eat pastry and sweets useful analogues. Sugar honey, candy and dried fruits, cakes and pies, sauce and jelly, pies and buns – breads and casseroles homemade. Here is the recipe of casseroles: 250 g low-fat cottage cheese add 2 whipped egg whites, 2 tbsp. spoons of semolina and 100 g of low-fat yogurt or yogurt. Mix everything carefully. Put the resulting mass in the form, greased with yogurt, and bake for 10-15 minutes in the oven. Before use, pour honey. Similarly prepared casserole pumpkin, carrot or Apple. Improvise.
If you love bread and you find it hard to abandon it, start again small. Buns and wheat bread, replace the first so-called grey bread and "Doctor" loaf, after 5 days go to branny and rye bread, even after 5 days, start to reduce the amount of bread consumed twice. And so – to complete failure. For the body the gentle and gradual technique will not be a shock, and it will take your new diet for granted. By the way, as a bonus you can afford to eat 1-2 small slices of rye bread per day.