Error in the diet

Feeling of fullness give foods rich in proteins and carbohydrates. They are powerful fuel, providing the body with energy. If they are small, the feeling of hunger, the stomach requires a portion of food.

What satisfies hunger almost instantly? Sugar, to compete with him can no other product. But you should use sweets one time, another, form a habit, and soon in front of them is hard to resist. Even when you are, in principle, and not very hungry.

Therefore, nutritionists advise: try not to sacrifice lunch. After all, the main stock of vital energy the body needs to obtain from food no later than 14-15 hours. Otherwise, the drop in the level of glucose in the blood it will seek out alternatives rapid elimination of shortages.

The tooth becomes a victim of no carb diets. But it was various cereals, bread, vegetables very well help fill the gap so necessary for the body carbohydrates. And fruits are the best source of glucose, much healthier candy and cakes.

It is useless to forbid myself to touch the sweets – works as old as the world, the law: forbidden fruit is sweet. Taboos only stir up the desire to enjoy the wonders of pastry-making. Of course, we should not abandon them altogether. But in order not to become slaves of sweets, never got to eat them on an empty stomach.

Psychological causes

In protracted stress, prolonged fatigue, depression a person is experiencing a decay of vitality. The body looks for an energy source and the one most easily finds it in the glucose. In this case, the sweets perform the functions of drugs: sedatives and drugs antidepressants. But once you get out of depression, as the demand for them is sharply reduced.

Addiction to candy can gradually develop even in people with inferiority complexes. It is necessary to increase self-esteem, gain self-confidence. It is important that the person be comfortable in society, because everyone wants to feel that to him, show interest, sympathy, his love.

Pathological disorders

There are people with heightened sensitivity to various substances. Including those whose organism is sensitive to the drop in the level of glucose in the blood. Hypersensitivity to sugars is not a manifestation of weakness of will, and a genetic trait. And such people are often ill subsequently, obesity, diabetes.

In women at menopause due to deficiency of sex hormones reduces the production of insulin. In this deteriorating mood, appear headaches, insomnia, fatigue. The body tries to compensate for the disorder more serotonin but is a hormone of pleasure only reinforces the need for sugars.

Steady craving for sweets often appear when the weakening of the thyroid gland – hypothyroidism. Not out of place to visit endocrinologist and to check the level of hormones of this gland in the blood.

Another possible cause is candidiasis (thrush). Fungi love sugar and their abundance is multiply. We also suppose that a craving for sweets – a signal about the presence in the body of various parasites, especially worms.