The plan of action of the affected

The most dangerous cases, when ingested fragments (utensils or glass). In children, unlike adults, most often in the digestive tract found coins, buttons, needles, pins and other small items.

What to do if swallowed the fragments? Do not panic, the first thing you need to call an ambulance or go to the nearest emergency room. If the accident happened outdoors, in the village and no way to wait medical aid should immediately take steps to help the victim.

First, to avoid mucosal trauma, you must drink the liquid. Better if it is thick (pudding, yogurt), as it contributes to the enclosure of the walls of the digestive tract. In this case, the esophagus is in a relaxed state, and caught the glass can get into the stomach. If victim complains of pain, and the liquid does not help, it is advisable to call an ambulance.

Secondly, you need to remember that after swallowing the shard you cannot eat solid food.

Thirdly, it is not recommended to use laxatives because they increase intestinal contractility.

Fourth, do not try to get a foreign body and cause a gag reflex. In that case, if the fragment is small and all safety measures are met, then within a few days he'll come out along with feces. If it did not happen, there is bleeding and pain, then you need to go to the doctor.

Of great importance is proper nutrition after swallowing the shard. The victim must consume only liquid or mushy food.


First aid

In difficult situations when, for example, a foreign body was in the trachea, you need to give the man first aid. For him to create a physical rest as possible serves clean air and attempting to remove the splinter.

If the swallowed object is large, it is possible to use the Heimlich maneuver. While the victim is standing, and assisting the person standing behind him, grabs his body. One hand is necessary to compress in a fist and put it on the abdomen in the epigastric region. Second hand put in a fist, squeeze and make a quick push up.

If a fragment has been swallowed by the child, and it's hard to breathe, it is possible to raise the baby by the legs upside down, shake, and help to make a strong exhalation.

Therefore, we can say that swallowing a shard, you need to be very careful when violations of breath, blood seek medical help.