First aid if swallowed glass

In that case, if people noticed swallowing glass immediately, it would be best to induce vomiting. The splinter will be quickly removed from the body with food and mucus, not having to do as much damage. If this happened to a child, vomiting'll have to call artificially by pushing the tongue root.

Then, even after confirming that the shard came out, you need to go to the doctor, describing the situation to him. He will give recommendations for further action and appoint a survey which will identify internal injuries, if any.

In that case, if the glass came out with vomiting, you should immediately call an ambulance, describing the situation, and prepare for admission.

In that case, if it took more than two hours, the debris can move into the intestine and aggravate the situation. Then decide what to do, will be only a qualified doctor who needs to report accurately the dimensions of the glass and the time of the incident.

X-ray in this situation would be useless, as the glass in the light not contrasting.

What to do in any case impossible

You cannot rely on the fact that the fragment is quite small and wait for it to come out naturally. To use laxatives and doing enemas is also not recommended without medical supervision.

If the splinter came out immediately after vomiting, to take repeated attempts can be dangerous, so it is best to call the doctor and waiting for the ambulance to lie.

Lot of exercise and activity during this period is also contraindicated, as any movement can cause internal injury.

Actions after splinter left the body

Of food the week after that, preference should be given broths, and cereals, if the doctors were not indicated otherwise. Irritating foods such as hot spices and marinades, is strictly prohibited. They can turn into painful ulcers microtrauma, which caused the shard inside.

For this reason, it is necessary to refuse for some time from a solid and prooperiruem food: nuts and bran. Within two to three days will have to carefully control your chair, and if it found glass fragments, is not superfluous to consult the doctor again.

Small fragments often do get out of the body naturally, without causing their owner no inconvenience. But hope is not necessary, as neglect in this case can cause serious injuries and even death.