Traumatic factor induces the proliferation of scar tissue not directly in the healing, the scars appear in about six months. To avoid this, after the injury immediately to make special arrangements.

Simple actions that prevent the formation of scars

Modern plastic surgery is well developed, but it is better to prevent scars than to operate it. There are methods not only to minimize the risk of scar formation, but having none at all. First of all, minor wounds, cuts need to seal the plaster. However, where the skin is stretched, it does not fit. There need to sew the fabric.

Scabs are necessary for healing tissue, they prevent the penetration into the wound of bacteria. To tear them away is impossible in any case, as the center of the wound pulled out a new piece of skin, the depth of injury increases and the risk of developing this place of the scar is multiplied. Better to close up the crust of plaster, let it disappear independently. This is especially true of crusts after the rash of chickenpox.

If the scabs from chickenpox to break when combing the body, decoration in the form of scars have to carry the whole life. It is better to use eliminate itching ointment. In small cuts or burns helps the aloe leaf. It should cut across and attach the slice to the wound. To heal faster, the procedure should be done 2-3 times a day.

Than you can use that scar was not

To prevent scarring of the skin can nutrients, for example, onion extract. Soothing, moisturizing effect has heparin, it promotes tissue repair. These substances are contained in the "Contractubex", very effective. In preparations against scars, is allantoin, it greatly reduces the pathological proliferation of scarring.

To and scars will eventually fade and become invisible, you need to eat right. In the diet should be vitamins, proteins and zinc. They are contained in cheese, lean beef, peanuts, pumpkin seeds and sunflower. Can be rubbed into the scar vitamin E, to massage the scar with Vietnamese balm, tiger liniment, to make compresses with mokriny oil. All these actions will help to soften scars, to make them less noticeable. Also folk medicine recommends tincture of celandine, you can use infused olive oil mushroom. Measures taken in time will help the skin to stay beautiful.