How to get rid of the scar

In the initial stage of the appearance of the scar, a good effect can be obtained with the help of ointment "Contractubex" that are sold in pharmacies. The active ingredient it is extract of onion, which has bactericidal action, reduces the secretion of anti-inflammatory mediators and the synthesis of extracellular matrix substances, most mitoses, proliferation and growth of cells called fibroblasts.
The sooner you begin to use remedies to stimulate healing of the joint and prevent the appearance of scars, the better they will act.

A good remedy for scars are essential oils and an oil solution of tocopherol acetate – vitamin E. You can do the mix, using oils of frankincense, geranium, fennel, hyssop, peppermint, neroli, rosemary, rose and tea tree. Mix multiple oils in equal proportions and several times a day, apply this mixture on the scar. You can make an ointment of scars, mixing 200 g of corn oil and 50 g of beeswax. Melt this mixture on a slow fire and heat it, stirring occasionally, 10 minutes. The resulting ointment is put on the cloth, apply to the scar and fasten the bandage. Change it 2 times a day for 3 weeks.

Practicing plastic surgeons suggest to use to remove scars vodka compresses which need to be done at night and keep for 7-8 hours daily for 2 months. A layer of cotton wool, liberally soaked with vodka, add to the tripe, cover with plastic wrap and wrap warm, better wool, the scarf, the top can fix the elastic mesh compress or bandage.

The most effective way to remove the scar

If after the surgery noticeable scar still formed, even in the case when he managed to zastarel, the only way to quickly and effectively remove his remains laser resurfacing of the skin. This is a painless and most secure method with minimum risk of complications, it allows to remove scars, even in those areas where the skin is tender and thin.
A contraindication for laser resurfacing are diseases of the skin: psoriasis, dermatitis, etc., the Complication may manifest as hyperpigmentation.

Under the point of impact of the laser beam in the deep layers of the skin the intensive production of collagen elastic fibers, the growth of new cells, regeneration of skin layers. The number of treatments depends on the size of the scar, its age and individual characteristics. Enough usually 3-7 treatments.