One of the most common ways to disguise a scar – drawing on top of it tattoos. But this is not the best out of the situation. First, the scar may be located at that part of the body where the patterning is not aesthetically pleasing or convenient. Second, using this way to solve the problem, you can simply make the situation worse, damaging the skin even more. Third, over time the picture may be a hindrance. So don't hide post-surgical scars with tattoos.
In order to smooth out small and fresh scars, you can use special creams against scars. But such tools are not suitable for everyone, and not always bring visible results.
In order to get rid of the postoperative scars, it is best to turn to professionals – cosmetologists and plastic surgeons. You can recommend two ways of treatment. First, the introduction under the skin of special preparations, smoothing it. However, this method is not always effective and may not be suitable to everyone.Second, you can advise to use by far the most common and effective way to remove scars is laser resurfacing. In this way, like any other, has its pros and cons. Positive aspects of laser correction is that it helps even in the most severe cases where the scars are old and large. In addition, the laser can precisely remove scar and not just mask it. The disadvantages of this method of treatment is the material side of the question – it is not cheap, and offer this service not available in all clinics.
Of course, post-surgical scars, – a problem which, unfortunately, cannot be avoided, but to correct the consequences of the operations today, you can use various techniques.