Dreams of the offended wife

Dreams of the wronged wives are to get back at your husband. You will not believe it, but many ladies replaying the scene change in the presence of her husband. Not everyone has the courage to turn their dreams into reality, but still a certain percentage of women from time to time crossing the line and is cheating, to compensate the lack of a spouse. Apparently, something bright, sensual, and very pleasant has to change to someone considered their abuser. The identity of the lover in this case just doesn't matter. The lover is only the object of these relations, the subjects of relations – spouses.

If the lover with the years transformed from a casual partner in a loved one, the situation gets a new stage of development. A woman comes to the fact that physical betrayal turns into a moral betrayal. The lover becomes a confidante, "vest", in which a woman viplachivat their problems. This person issued family secrets and intimate secrets. The wife of an unloved husband costs nothing to tell your lover about how his wife something did not work in bed or laugh at the "idiot" that still failed to earn money.

The situation is complicated in the case that a husband and a lover familiar. Sometimes the wife has an affair with the chief of the faithful, to move the spouse and at the same time to turn it into moral insignificance. Frankly, very often it happens that the husband knows about the situation, and this situation is satisfied. In this case we can say that everyone gets their own: lover – sex-wife – moral satisfaction from the humiliation of the blessed, her husband a promotion and loss of dignity.

Physical humiliation

I must say that from the situation described does not always enjoy two. Sometimes engaging process of infidelity gets a third person involved: the husband. In English sources it is possible to find a definition of the term Cuckold "cuckold". It's not a simple "home" cuckold, who does not know what his wife on the side. This is a direct participant in the process, learn to enjoy your humiliation.

This game involves three actors. The Central role of the lover, the dominant male. Dominant lover completely subjugates and a man and a woman, causing the couple to do what he pleases. The heterosexual lover, my husband is also a heterosexual, but in the game the husband may be subjected to feminization and to turn into a sexual slave of his wife and her partner.