Properties of citric acid

Citric acid belongs to the class of carboxylic acids. It is a white crystalline substance having a sour taste nefazodon. It is almost no calories. It is highly soluble in water and some organic solvents. Melts at a temperature of 175 degrees, and during the subsequent heating decomposes to water and carbon dioxide.

This acid is actively involved in metabolism and cellular respiration. Thanks to her, the skin cells can be updated. It becomes elastic, supple and beautiful. The complexion becomes pleasant, the defects are gradually fading. To do this, once a week to do a mask with lemon juice. It can also be added to almost any cream.

Citric acid is contained in all citrus fruits, pomegranates, pine needles and even the shag. In the old days it was received from tobacco. In modern industry, citric acid is produced by the fermentation of substances with high concentration of sugar (e.g., molasses). Often use special moldy fungi.

Citric acid is known as a food additive E330. It is used as an antioxidant. The addition of citric acid improves the taste of many carbonated beverages and the consistency of processed cheese: it is much better spread on bread.

Citric acid teeth whitening

With the help of some people bleach the teeth. This is really a very effective tool, but should be used with caution. The fact that any bleaching process adversely affects the tooth enamel, destroying it and causing the appearance of caries. This damage is microscopic; however, they affect the health of the teeth and then on the condition of some bodies. Tooth nerve becomes several times more sensitive. Comes to the fact that it hurts to chew coarse food. Upon detection of such symptoms should immediately contact your dentist.

The procedure can be performed no more than once a week. After that, it is not recommended there are some foods (cherries, beets). They can "paint" your teeth. It is also worth to give up coffee and tea.

You can whiten your teeth using hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. However, these substances also erode tooth enamel. After use you should rinse your mouth with warm water. Carry out the procedure not more often than once a week to maintain the health of your teeth.