Citric acid has a beneficial effect on the scalp: it normalizes the production of fat, suppresses the growth of the fungus, which causes dandruff. In addition, this acid gives the hair softness and Shine, lightens and facilitates the process of combing.

Rinse based on citric acid

The recipe of this cosmetic product is:
- 1 liter of water;
- 0,5 tsp citric acid.

In cool water, dissolve the citric acid rinse ready. It is used after the hair was washed with shampoo. The head is tilted over the basin with the lemon solution and pour clean hair, rinse it immediately to drain from the hair). Then allow the hair to dry naturally. Such a mouthwash prevents the appearance of dandruff and the wonderful struggling with it, to cope with increased oiliness of the scalp and also helps hair to stay a long time clean.

How to lighten hair with lemon acid

To lighten hair use the concentrated solution prepared from the following components:
- 1 liter of cool water;
- 1 tbsp of citric acid.

To the water add citric acid and mix well (the crystals have completely dissolved). After shampooing lemon solution rinse the hair and allow the hair to dry naturally. After 5-6 treatments will be visible result: the hair acquires the color on 2 (and sometimes 3) shades lighter than natural, will disappear dandruff, and also hair becomes stronger, softer and Shine with a luxurious sheen. But don't use too often prepared according to this recipe a concentrated solution, because it can overdry the scalp and hair. Lightening hair with this conditioner it is better to perform once a week.

Highlighting hair using a cosmetic composition prepared on the basis of citric acid

The concentrated solution prepared from 0.5 liter of cool water and 1 tbsp of citric acid, is applied to separate the strands. On top of these strands is covered with foil or cling film and keep the paint 37-40 minutes. To enhance the effect, the hair is heated in the dryer or exposed to ultraviolet rays. Then rinse hair with cool water. If, after the first bleaching did not achieve the desired effect, the procedure is recommended to repeat. But it is not necessary to perform the weave more than 3 times in a row, as this will negatively affect the condition of the hair.