You will need
  • sheets of pressed seaweed
Buy a quality product. You can buy nori under the order from Japan or in Japanese specialty shop. Nearly every supermarket ready to offer their services in this matter.
Make your choice. Nori vary in their appearance and their number in the package. There are several types of seaweed for sushi: green, blue and red (gold). Essentially it is the same nori, but with different spices. However, green it is more expedient to use in the salad, they are well crushed, but for sushi it is better to use red algae. In the package their is usually 10, 50 or 100 pieces.
There are nori, fried in sesame oil with sea salt, they are called "sibuki". They have the extruded sheet otherwise, it is more subtle. Sibuki – it's quite crispy nori, but wrapped in rice is problematic. They are absorbed according to the principle of our chips, for example, with beer. There is always a large range of manufacturers, as they say for every taste.
Prepare nori for consumption. In principle, nothing special to do, because nori ready to wrap them in rice. However, some Housewives are advised to lubricate them with a little water to soften, whatever we do is not advised, as it lost the crunch in the rolls. For a wonderful summary of meals you need to cool the rice to room temperature, then he'll stick to the sheets from the algae and keep the crunch.