When the ear hurts a lot and shoots, it is a symptom of ear infection, and this symptom suggests that the disease has moved into a serious stage. If nothing is done, the problem will only get worse, and it is fraught with very serious consequences.

Traditional medicine

A sore ear can be cured without the help of a doctor, enough to appeal to folk medicine. To help in this problem geraniums, you will need to detach from this plant leaf, mash and put in a sore ear. Every 2 hours it should be replaced with a new one, do this until the pain will not go away completely.

Also with this disease can be overcome, if you have a tincture of lemon balm, so prepare it in advance, since it is not known when the disease. She would need to take 20 grams of dried herbs and pour 250 ml of vodka. A week later, the tincture will be ready. Then you need to moisten a cotton wool in it and put in a sore ear, and to not feel discomfort, can the tincture to warm to room temperature. This tool will help to remove the inflammation and ease the pain.

To cure the ear, and using the ordinary onion. For this you need to cut from a small piece of vegetable, wrapped in bandages and put into the patient's body at night. To do this procedure until full recovery. If you want to increase the effectiveness of treatment, then three times a day to bury your nose onion juice. When such treatment is recommended to avoid overcooling of the body, otherwise all the efforts will not bring results.

Traditional treatment

Not everyone is fit treatment of otitis media, so you should not delay your trip to the doctor. It is not uncommon for qualified treatment of human hospitalitynet, but not everyone has the time for it. As a rule, then the patient is prescribed some drops and some antibiotics. They quickly inhibit inflammation, and after a few hours in your ear is the pain and other unpleasant symptoms.

It is useful to go through physiotherapy, they will help speed up the healing process. In addition, the patient will be shown a special food. It should have more vitamins, and he needs to drink more water. Serious inflammation are advised to observe bed rest so will be able to recover much faster. At this time should be especially wary of hypothermia, and avoid drafts, as these factors are causing the further progression of the disease.