How to say goodbye to a friend

Friendship is very precious relation, which needs to be constantly strong. Try to come up with your boyfriend or girlfriend a certain process of farewell, for example, using the invented gestures and body movements. Girlfriend can be hugged and kiss on the cheek, a favorite gesture guys – a farewell handshake. So you will be able to strengthen your friendship.

Words during the farewell play an equally important role. Through them, people perceive a relationship to each other. Sometimes it is enough to say "good-bye" and call the person by their name, but in some cases, especially when people are friends not very close, you can wish each other good luck or mark the farewell of time that you leave, for example, "tomorrow" or just "bye" to strangers).

Politeness is another characteristic of the right and beautiful farewell. If you feel that there comes a time when you need to leave, you should not abruptly stop the conversation abruptly and to say goodbye. Wait for the interlocutor to finish speaking, and then apologize and say that you should go. After that you can utter the words of farewell.

How to say goodbye love

The people who are in a romantic relationship, can also come up with a beautiful way of farewell. In this case, you can spend your half home, thank you for a lovely evening, to Express their admiration for her, and to utter words of love. You can say that you will miss it, but definitely will soon meet again. After that, hug hard your loved one and kiss him on the lips.

How to say goodbye forever

Parting with a loved one is a difficult process, and to ease emotional pain to herself as well as him, be polite and nice to say goodbye to him. Be sure to assign him to meet and talk eye to eye. Tell me that is grateful to him for our days spent together and for all that you did for people, but at the moment no longer had feelings for him and want to leave peacefully, without quarrels.

Try to convince a man that I respect and appreciate him. Offer to maintain friendly relations and continue to support each other in difficult situations. If he is against it, don't blame for that. Finally, we can hug each other, then say "goodbye" to denote this final point in your romantic relationship.