You will need
  • Confidence, the desire to change your life, serious attitude
In detail imagine my life without this guy. If you do have no value, do not postpone important point, strongly explaining his hesitancy ("I'm Not going to ruin his weekend", "I will Say after the holidays" etc.). The sooner this ends the better for both of you.
Be prepared for a negative reaction on the part of the guy and your friends. Also keep in mind that you too will be hurt, - at least because you're used to this person.
Prep guy: let your phone conversations and messages will become shorter and drier, meet less frequently and "fast" decrease the number of hugs and kisses... If you live with the guy - do not start fights, calm and detached live their separate lives.
During conversation clearly tell that it was over. There are several variants of development of events. If a guy is happy is, despite the fact that it is unpleasant, smile and say, "I'm glad at least that our opinions are the same".
If he threatens to commit suicide, let, to them that are not responsible for his life and his threats do not apply to you.
If the guy does not react to your words - we'll finish talking and leave him alone; enough with the excuses.
If he blames only you, do not engage him in an argument, you say that you understand his feelings. If he asks perplexedly: "what did I do?" and "What to do?" don't try to philosophize in response, show that you too are worried and don't know why it happened.