You will need
  • - patience
  • - sedative
  • - work/hobby
Remember all those moments that you had together. It is necessary to allocate a night that you will be completely alone, so nobody bothered. Focus on the writing of the letter you will never send. Provide all the good moments that were, and then burn this letter.
Think about what is actually going to be so much better and easier for both. Just needs someone to make the first move, to another was easier. Tear off all contacts with his once-closest person and do not allow was any connection. First will be painfully bitter, but then it will only get better, the hardest part is the first couple of months.
If you have not helped the previous two steps, we dig into memory. You will definitely find many unpleasant things connected with this person. Use them to cultivate hatred of him. Forget everything else, leave only hatred and aggression. Think about the pain and hurt he has caused you. Make him guilty, you must understand that in the end, it hurts now only to you. This should boost the pride to make it easier for you this time.
Take all my free time that is available, constructive lessons. Learn the language and study work with double zeal, sign up for courses - do whatever will ease your day. In the evening, enlist the help of sedatives and sleeping pills - the most difficult time of day for you will be it is the evening and night.
Treat yourself to a little vacation and go there, where you always wanted but somehow never had the time. Dedicate this time to yourself, entirely, make it so that not one drop of negativity could seep through your desire to live free and happily. Even at this period, the words "happiness" and "freedom" will become your credo.
If all previous cases have failed and failure - consult a qualified therapist. Remember that this is the only person who can help you, so no need to excessive secrecy. The more information you give him, the more help - it is help, not just support - you can count on.